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Soft Blocks or Demi pointe


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hey! im new to Ballet talk.. and wanted to know about soft blocks.


i am in the RAD program taking my intermediate exam in the spring and im 16 years old, ive been taking ballet for 4 years now and been on pointe for 2 years... i bought a pair of Bloch soft blocks or demi pointe they are a size 4 and a half. i have tried everything myself and my teacher can think of to keep them on. Ive sewed the ribbons on further back then necessary. i have very high arches and very flexible feet. for some reason i cant get the elastics to work properly.


i am open to any ideas or suggestions any one has to offer. i work like to get them to stay on so i can pass my exam. thank-you :)

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CanadianBallerina, I'm not responding to your question here, as I am not an RAD teacher and do not use demi pointe shoes for my students. But I'm asking you to please read the response to your other post here on the YD forum, which deals with our posting policies here.

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