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If we have a specific question about good ones to try for DD for the first time, can you tell me how to post it accordingly? I was specifically looking for ones in the Southeast with a Balachine' style or ones that she could easily transition to accordingly for my 13 year old who has been dancing 9 years and 2-3 years en pointe'.

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deloris, as we do not know your DD, her training, her personality, needs, wants, likes, dislikes, etc., it is our policy here on BT4D not to make recommendations for individuals or among programs.


However, we DO have a whole forum set up to provide empirical information, first-hand experiences, and to exchange information about the various SIs. Just go to the 2010-2011 Summer Intensive Forum and you will find threads listed alphabetically and dedicated to individual SIs. I would recommend you get a good cup of coffee or tea, pull up a comfy chair and read through the programs that interest you. If after reading the thread (and I would recommend clicking on the Archive link provided and reading past seasons information, as well), you have questions about the program, feel free to post your question on the specific SI's thread.


The information provided should give you a good working feel for the individual programs and that information together with your knowledge of your DD, her input and her teacher's input, you will be in a much better position to make decisions for auditions and attendance than any of us could suggest to you with our very limited knowledge of your DD and your family. Happy reading and best wishes on your selections!! :yucky:

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