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I've heard conflicting opinions about theraband exercises. My ballet teacher tells me that it won't stretch out my feet, and the people who sold it to me at my pointe shoe fitting are out for my money. She is a firm believer that every excercise you need to stretch your feet is taught at the barre (and I tend to side with her). I think very highly of my ballet teacher and I really value her opinions, but I wanted to hear others here. I was wondering if anyone knew exercises that stretched the top of the ankle, because that is where I need to stretch. I have high arches and strong ankles, but I need to loosen up my ankles. My ballet teacher thinks tendues are the best, but I was wondering if maybe crossing the tendues with the theraband could help me loosen my ankles/instep and what exercises to do in particular.

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Theraband exercises are for strengthening the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the feet and ankles.

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That's what I said to the person at the dance store and she was very rude to me. I said I know how to use a theraband, but it doesn't stretch the top of the foot, and she said "well you must be doing something wrong then. I don't know what exercises you're doing but theraband is the only thing to help you!" So are there stretching exercises? or just strengthening? I've already got all the strength I need, I just need to stretch my ankles somehow.

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Well, everyone can use some more strength, but I can't see how you'd use a theraband for stretching the top of your foot. :rolleyes:


I think I would have asked the rude girl to show me what she means... :wink:


Check out this video:

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Yes, I suppose what I meant was I need stretching far more than strength. Next time I find myself in this store I will ask the owner what she meant exactly, because now I'm curious. Thank you though!

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