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Hope this kind of thing hasn't been posted before...


Ok, so, I'm 14, and I've been dancing ballet since I was 4. I take two 1 hour lessons each week. One of them is RAD grade 6, and the other is a pointe class, although I'm not en pointe yet.

Recently, I've decided I want to go serious. You've probably heard it all before, but I really want it. The only problem is, my Mum doesn't know. She thinks it's just a hobby. I'm afraid she'll laugh or tell me it's never going to happen. How do I tell her I want to take my dancing further?




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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers and the Young Dancers Forum, Blue*Bird. :wink:


It is great that you would like to study ballet more seriously, but you will never know if you could do it or not if you don't ask. She will need to understand that you will need a school that provides a very intensive schedule, so you might first want to find out if that is available at your school. A serious dancer of your age should be dancing at least 5, preferably 6, days a week, with technique and pointe classes. The technique classes should be an hour and a half, and the pointe at least an hour. So, you are quite a bit behind in terms of your training, and it will take a lot of catching up. If you are talented, and have the physical facility for ballet, it is possible, though. You might want to talk to your teacher first and get her opinion on your ability, and also if she has a program that offers that kind of schedule.


Then deal with your Mom after that, if you are still sure and have found a way to do it! :rolleyes:

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