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I have started taking classes

single dad

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I actually started taking a class, I got home from my deployment and found a school that would take a new student at the end of October. I must say it is a lot harder then i imagined it would be, but it is a huge amount of fun, and I sure didn't think that so many of the issues that I have been concerned with for my son in his ballet class I would also expierence in the adult class, for example I am the only man in the adult class lol. My son is very happy I have started taking classes, he is somewhat put out that I am going to a different school then he is, but I thought it would be better to keep things seperate for now. I am very happy with how things are going so far, I hope i manage to improve soon lol



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Good for you! "Ballet -- it's better than it looks!" I see both an advantage and a drawback to attending a different school from your son, but I think that they balance one another out, so as long as the schools are of equal quality, you should have no real difficulty with this situation.

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