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What is a high vamp?


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I know what a vamp is on a pointe shoe but why would someone want a high, low or medium vamp and which is which? What are the benefits or disadvantages of each? The same with the profile...why does one need one height over the other?

Just curious....I got a ballet book for xmas and it mentions these things but doesn't really explain otherwise.


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You might try the 'Search' function. There is a wealth of information already available here on the Board, you just need to learn to tap into it. Or just spend some time reading through the Pointe Shoe Forum. There are a lot of discussions about the various components that go into matching a foot with a pointe shoe. :(

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The questions are not silly, but one of the features of the Board is the wealth of stored knowledge. It makes it such that we don't have to continually 're-invent the wheel'. :(

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A question about this though,

I feel like it is not acceptable to post on something that is months or years old, but what if you want to talk about the topic?

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You can resurrect the thread then! :)


The only time we have problems with anyone posting on an old thread is when the comments don't really add anything to the discussion, like, "Ok, good for you!" and the thread is 7 years old!! :firedevil:


Hope that makes sense....we don't mind people asking questions about how to do things. :blushing:

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Or the thread is resurrected to offer advice or comment to the original poster about a situation that has long passed. That usually happens with a particular situation or incident the original poster was facing, but by several years/months, has resolved one way or another.


We do enjoy old discussions that get resurrected for fresh ideas or another look or questions that get added to the topic.

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