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Joyous January


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I get to start variations and partnering class monday :)

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I'm jealous!


My joyeaux January is that I managed to put the elastic back in my custom-made Gaynor shoe, thanks to Balletlove's suggestion. I now have two working pairs!

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I will be starting my first class on Jan. 11. I've picked out my tights and leotard and I'm waiting for my ballet slippers to arrive. I'm a little nervous about the class but the teacher is very nice and easy going. I hope I enjoy it and stick with it! :(

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Mazenderan, I must bend down and kiss your pointe shoes (well, figuratively speaking!). I used that "lat" technique as much as I could recall to use it today in class and WHAT a difference!! I felt so solid - when I remembered to use it!! No comments about shoulders, either. :-D


I just keep saying to myself in most exercises: "lats" and that cues me in. Of course, it's not automatic and it releases way too often but considering today was the first time I've had to try that, rather than push the shoulders down, I'm feeling pretty thrilled.


Thanks so much!! (hoping I made the appropriate attribute for the idea - if not, please forgive!!).



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Ginniathezinnia - what a really happy sounding topic heading :innocent: as for partnerships and variations... I am absolutely :grinning: with envy.


Serendipity - hooray, I am so glad you got the elastic in. Do you find the elastic REALLY hard to pull tight in the Gaynors?


dancingjet - I know how you feel although in all honesty it was only just over a month... but the countdown until Monday the 17th is on....


dcns - good for you, if you are anything like me I was addicted before I even got to take my first class (I only started as an adult) and this year will be my ninth year of wonderful, fantastic, thoroughly enjoyable ballet classes.


I cant wait for Monday the 17th when ballet starts!

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My joyeaux January is that I managed to put the elastic back in my custom-made Gaynor shoe, thanks to Balletlove's suggestion. I now have two working pairs!


I'm so glad to hear it worked. Good idea to use dental floss - I used button thread which is also strong.

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Double post. So sorry! Any advice to get over the first class jitters? I'm not sure that I'm worried about the tights for the first time(I'm a guy) or if I'm nervous about it all! I was scared to go into the dance store today when I went to buy my clothes.

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I did a "Bluebird" type side developpe in a center combo in class yesterday morning, both sides and actually saw my legs go WAY high to the sides and look good!!! Not just slightly above 90 the way they have been. They were each past shoulder height!! YAY!!!

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I asked my ballet teacher tonight if he thought I had improved much since starting back at ballet a few months ago and he said "Absolutely!!!!"

I then asked him if he thought I could ever go on pointe and he said "ABSOLUTELY!!! you have really improved and your ankles are getting really strong" in a really emphatic manner!!! I was so happy, I hugged him!!!! I am like a little girl!!

He also said that they were thinking of eventually starting an adult beginner pointe class! HURRAH! I was so happy about all of this that I celebrated with a sushi dinner at my fave restauraunt!!!!

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Je Suis Aimee how were the new classes? I am sure that you had a ball.


trmptr 1409 - have fun, after all that is what it is all about! If it helps remember that we were all newbies at one stage... my first class was nearly 9 years ago but I still remember the jitters like it was yesterday and I was totally stressed out by the whole leotard and tights bit, but then I am a girl and generally speaking woman do tend to be very critical of themselves :o


Way to go Serendipity, I am sure that you were absolutely floating after that!


rlyons you do make me laugh you have the enthusiasm of a little kid (its lovely dont change!) I can just imagine what you were like after class I am sure that these emoticons probably fairly reflected you for at least a few hours after class :grinning::P:rolleyes: LOL, good for you though, it just shows how lots of hard work does pay off!

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Hello lovelies. It's been so long since i've been here. I havent danced in about 6 months because class times were always at the same times as when i was working - :) but maybe this year it will all fall into place.


Anyway just wanted to say hi, and I miss ballet sooooo much. I will be in San Fran in April so might have to look up a casual adult class or two for fun.


I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Years. I did manage to see the Australian Ballet's Nutcracker and met Leanne Stoymenov (Clara) after the show. It was just beautiful. I also saw Ballet Nacional De Cuba, and Rock The Ballet last year so it was a good year for ballet watching, just not ballet doing.


Here's to 2011.

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