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Milwaukee Ballet summer intensive?


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anyone ever attended the milwaukee ballet summer intensive? i want to audition, but i've never auditioned for something like this. i'm 16, so i'm audidioning for the pre professional program. how hard was the audidion? what did you have to do? like double pirouette, etc?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. It is lovely to have you join our Board. May I suggest you explore all of the forums, read a bit about the purpose of each forum and learn a bit about the "how to" do this and that. You might want to introduce yourself in the Welcome forum and read a bit about the Rules and Policies.


I am sorry to have to do this however, there are a few forums dedicated specifically to auditioning and in particular, the Milwaukee Ballet SI, therefore, I am going to close this thread and ask you to run a search on Milwaukee Ballet SI. If I can find the link, I will post it for you to make it a bit easier since you are a new member. happy reading. :(






There is less current information available in the Archives. Running a search will lead you right to it.


As for the audition, generally a ballet class. At your age group pirouettes will be included. Doing one's best is really all that anyone can do.

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Welcome, ilovembII. I would like to ask you to please read this particular Sticky thread about posting on Ballet Talk for Dancers. Especially note the first policy about not using text message typing here! :(



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