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Help I want to be a professional dancer!


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I want to be a professional dancer when I grow up.everyone tells me I need to start my professional training now.they say I need to go to a world professional dance school and live in a dorm.I am only 12.is that true?

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Okay, hsnoeldancer9, the first problem is that you are 12, and you have to be 13 years old to register for Ballet Talk for Dancers. I will hold your registration, but you will be blocked from posting until you turn 13. At that time you may write to Contact Us and ask to have your posting privileges restored.


As far as your question is concerned, professional quality training is essential if you wish to become a classical ballet dancer. However, that does not necessarily mean a "world professional school". There are excellent schools all over the country. We have a very long listing of all of the better known professional schools in our Career and Higher Education Category of topics. It is called Pre-Pro and Residency Schools. Check that out, for now, as you are still able to read the board. You just cannot post.


When you do come back, before you post be sure and read our policies and rules. They are in a "Sticky" thread at the top of this forum.

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