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Arabesque photo for dancer not en pointe


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My younger DD is 11 and not on pointe yet. I want to take her to a couple of auditions this January to give her the experience. She will be on pointe when the SI happens. Should she submit a photo in arabesque on releve or on flat? I took pictures both ways but don't know which one would be the best to submit.

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Select the photo where she has the best arabesque line that she can do at this time. It does nto matter whether it is relevé or not.

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You're welcome. Definitely do not use a photo with any sickle! :(

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Don't forget to check the Summer Intensive General Discussion forum for many relevant and pertinent topics. That forum is arranged alphabetically, so take a look, for instance, under 'Audition' and you'll find many threads that discuss various components of the audition experience, including photos.


Just browsing through the Forum periodically can uncover a wealth of information from the vast experiences of our membership over the years. :(

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You're welcome. Definitely do not use a photo with any sickle! :o


Well I am not a dancer, and I am not used to seeing arabesque on releve! So I just don't know! She was trying to get a really high releve!

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