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Does anybody else find it hard to talk to teachers? I don't mean about things like combinations and such, but about moving up levels and/or taking classes?

I have 11 teachers every week and am only comfortable talking to a few of them. When I have a question for some of them, even if it is about a step or an injury, I can barely do it. I guess I have teacher fright :( How do you deal with this? I am scared because so many of these teachers will be at an audition I am going to later this year.

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Teachers are generally not evil persons, booklover. :wink: Most of us are in the classroom because we love to dance, we love ballet, and we love to teach! I would be very upset if my students felt that they cannot ask questions or talk to me. Questions are the way you learn, and should be encouraged. If you have questions and do not ask them, then you are preventing yourself from learning and understanding.


Talk to your teachers! Ask questions in class when you don't understand something. Speak up, dear. If you are old enough to be on this board, you are old enough to not be afraid to talk to teachers! :(


Now, I have a question for you. Why 11 teachers every week? What is your schedule like?

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Well first, I have 11 teachers because I have 11 classes. My schedule is not ideal, but...I have three of the five ballet teachers at my studio, five of the six jazz teachers, etc. Actually, I might have 10 teachers, because one of them is debating about switching which classes she teaches.

Also, in 4 of my classes, I am the worst/one of the worst and everybody else understands more than I do. I'm comfortable asking three of them for help , but the fourth one has too big of a class already and it moves too slowly for most people.

I guess I'm just a chicken! lol

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I would like to see a breakdown of your schedule, booklover. Each day, showing what class and it's time, like: Monday - ballet - 4:00-5:30, pointe, 5:30-6:30, etc.

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I already posted that in schedule evaluation.. Here it is again, though:


7-7:30 Leaps and Turns class (Jazz)

1 hour break

8:30-9:15 Choreography Only class (Jazz) (this class is "intended" for people ~5 years of dance ahead of me, but is taught only slightly above my level)


4:15-5:15 Ballet

5:15-6:15 Jazz


3:30-4:15 Lyrical

4:15-5:15 Ballet (higher Level)

5:15-6:15 Jazz (higher level)

45 Minute Break

7-7:30 Tap


5:15-6 Choreography Only (Tap)


3:45-4:45 Ballet

4:45-5:45 Jazz


I have also been trying to whenever possible add in make up classes.

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Oh yes, I remember this schedule. And, since I commented on it before, I will not do it again. Sorry about that.

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It's fine. I know, its not a good schedule :(. I feel like I'm learning with it though, so I won't change it until next year. Tomorrow, I will try to overcome my fear of talking to this one particular teacher because I need to tell her about an injury :wink: I'll tell you how it goes!

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