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Choosing a new professional Dance school?


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Hi I am 15 years old and would really like to become a contemporary dancer I know that ballet is not possible for me as I am a late starter and do not

Have a "ballet body" but I realize you do need a strong background in ballet to go professional in contemporary. I have been dancing since I was 13 and I currently dance at a school which I don't think would be considered pre pro because it has graded syllabus and focuses on performance. Any recommendations for schools in my are? Vancouver

Thanks :(

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Ellizabeth. :grinning:


A graded syllabus is not a criteria for whether a school is pre-professional or not. It is the quality and the quantity of training that matters. If by performance focus you mean competitions and constant shows, with more time put into "routines" and rehearsals than in learning technique, then yes, that would be a criteria. Vancouver has a number of good schools and they have been discussed on our forums. Check out the forum entitled Pre-Professional Schools and Residence Programs, in the Career and Higher Education category. Also, read the thread linked below, and then visit the web sites of the schools mentioned. I would start with The Goh School. :innocent:



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