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Does this look like a professional school?

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Hi I have been told some names of pre pro schools in Vancouver including goh and arts umbrella as I will be changing schools. I am 15 years old and hoping to become a contemporary dancer I'm not sure if the same amount of ballet is required for contemporary as for ballet but I was looking around and also found these schools http://www.proarte.ca/ and http://www.performartstudios.com/ I was looking into either of their halfday programs has anyone ever heard anything about these school?

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I don't know anything about either of these schools. I would suggest that you stay with the ones we have talked about in the Pre-pro schools forum.

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I'm with Victoria. Dancers need the best ballet training available to them- contemporary or not. Watching contemporary dancers on tv is very telling. You can clearly see whether they've had good ballet training :yes: , bad ballet training :o , or no ballet training :yucky::blink:

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Perform Arts is very unprofessional as I have heard. I think Proarte has a good program but is not quite as profesional as the other two.

The Goh is very competitive and strictly ballet oriented, so Arts Umbrella is probably the best place to go if you are interested in contemporary.

Richmond Academy is also a good option if you are interested in a more rounded half-day program.

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The conversation is veering uncomfortably toward the border of board policy on gossip. :hyper: "I have heard" is the identifier, especially regarding unfavorable information.

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Also, we do not do comparisons here on this board. You may recommend a school, but just leave out the ones that you do not recommend, please.

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