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Im a 13 year old. IM auditioning at many places this year. Could anybody tell me any good summer intensives that have a strong males program. At the moment im auditioning for PNB, SAB, SFO, Bolshoi, Washington Ballet, Joffrey, and Walnut Hill. Could any one recommend any more. Also does anybody know what type of body SAB, SFO, and Bolshoi want. And for additional information i went to PNB last year. Also does anybody know how to get a high arch and a good pointe when you only have an average point and low arch.


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Hi, dancingfreak, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. My, my - SEVEN significant programs and you want more? You're liable to go broke just in registration fees, never mind tuition! :o


My advice to you is to read the summer intensive forum reports and to use those posts to decide whether you should be pursuing any more places, or whether you have just about hit everybody except ABT! Any reason you didn't select those programs? I really have no clue about what the Bolshoi program is looking for, but San Francisco and SAB will look very familiar to you after a stint at PNB. Not exactly the same, but close enough.


The answer to any problem in ballet is to do more of what you need to improve! Thus, if you want to improve the way that your feet point, the solution is to point your feet. Tendu is the basic answer!

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