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January Jaundice


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Oh - and thus it begins...Another "older woman student" and I acquiesced to performing in our Studio's Spring performance. We NEVER do a performance, but the Studio is doing a finale with all of the students, from the four - year old youngest student to the 84 year old senior student and finally our 85 year old teacher doing a walk-on. We are the only "older" pointe students and it was felt we could help showcase a different age group of a different level. So, we agreed to do a very small bit, as long as we could pick out our costumes, our teacher has a strange sense of "style", and keep the performance to a minimum. Long story short, she now has us doing several different pieces, different costumes, including costumes that show more skin than I'm comfortable with. We thought this would happen, but we were very adamant about what we were agreeing to performing. Obviously we will have to put our "toes" down and stand strong, but I really hate confrontation and I really hate letting the teacher down. However, I supposed it has to be done. Ack! :o

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Make sure you get a video - I wanna see it! :-D


My jaundice is my blasted FHL tendon. Although it's much better today, it's still upsetting because I have been making such good progress lately. Now I have to scale back or something till it feels better. :-P

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dancepig I would so so so love to see this performance are you by any chance going to post it on you tube? :o


Serendipity any idea what has caused the flair up again?


Still another 13 sleeps until classes start

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Agh, Dancepig, I so sympathize with the Adults + Costume = Issues equation. I wanted a tutu so badly.. so very, very badly! When I finally got to don a hooped Russian tutu (tacked and stiff.. you know that beast), I looked so stumpy and bad that I realized it was gonna be romantic tutus from now on. Heaven forbid a mid-riff baring top like the Odalisques or Arabian Coffee. :o


I'm meeting a new teacher for possible privates this Saturday. I'm always nervous in a new class - even when I visit my brother every so often, I go to Sacramento Ballet's advanced classes often enough for it to not be "new" and I still get nervous before I even walk through the door. Worried about having communication problems with this new teacher and not sure what kind of ballet she teaches. *crossing my fingers* Hope it'll be a good time!

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Oh right - youtube, um...don't think that's going to happen. Although I am sure the hits would be right up there with Polina and Simkin! :) "Still another 13 sleeps until classes start" - Balletlove, are you in the land of Oz? My son and his fiance live there, in Wangaratta. Serendipity - I hope your FHL tendon is better soon, it's so blasted frustrating when you're progressing and then have to take two large steps back because of injury.

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The land of OZ..... hmmmm if you are meaning with Dorothy and the tin man and the scarecrow etc you may just be on to something LOL, if you are meaning Australia no, sorry not me!

As for you tube - sorry just being really cheeky :) in all honesty I feel for you adults and dodgy (or at least unflattering) costumes is not a good idea!

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Land of Oz - yep, down unda! Your speech reminds me of my lovely daughter-in-law to be. We miss those two terribly. Anyway, I feel I'm doing my public service by keeping myself under wraps! hahahah :) No worries about the teasing, I appreciate the gesture. It does help to take it all with a sense of humor, which might, and that's a huge might, come after the performance, about a year about this performance. It's just so typical, give a little, have a huge chunk taken - right off the rear. Now we have to worry about all of the "creative" choreography, whew, can't imagine that that might entail. :firedevil:

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I have no issues with costumes from the waist down. It's the upper part I need covered - like needing sleeves. *sigh*

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Something silly, but annying none the less, I need new pointe shoes, and the only ballet store in the city doesn't have them in the correct size and width. Now I have to drive all the way to Brussels simply for a new pair of pointe shoes. That's a lot of time and money just for shoes.


And I have no idea how to get there, since my navigator was stolen from my car.

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Do you have access to a program on computer similar to "Mapquest"? You can print out step by step directions from that. I don't own a car navigator, so use that instead, and I can get Mapquest on my phone as well, so that makes it easy to use anywhere. :-)

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If you decide to go, I'd call the store in Brussels first, so that you don't drive all the way to see they also don't have the right size in stock!

I don't have my drivers licence yet (working on it though! :) ) and I always take the train when I go to that store, it's only a 5-10 minute walk from the central station. (I do print out a map.. Don't know my way that well in Brussels)

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I already called, and they are keeping a pair for me. I'll take advantage of the opportunity to try on some Russian Class pointe shoes as well, as those were my favorite brand in the US.


I'm thinking I might just to by train, as it really is very close to the station, and I could start sewing them on the way back. I know my way in Brussels quite well, but I studied there for 3 years (which basically means I know all the good bars and stores, and all the good ballet schools :) ).

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It's the upper part I need covered - like needing sleeves
Sleeves? Yes, and all of the rest of it. I'm thinking I might do a liturgical piece - :) Last year this teacher tried to bribe us by offering a costume all in black - plus - now wait for it - TIARAS Yep, Tiaras. Sheesh, perhaps if it had been swan feathers for our heads. Oh my. :firedevil: Needless to say, we demurred on the black costume.
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