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My DD was not asked to do the intermediate RAD exam when others usually considered her level were. I suggested she talk to the teacher but she doesn't want to. I am struggling with whether I should talk to the teacher/director. One my questions is how important these exams really are. She definitely improves when preparing for them (because it is more classes) but are they at all important for the future? Does anyone even dance RAD in America? If she doesn't want to teach but just perform, how important are these exams?

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She must talk to her teacher. RAD is pretty widespread in America, and examinations are a part of the instructional process. If she doesn't do ("sit" seems so inappropriate for a ballet examination) the exams, she effectively won't have a future in RAD.

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Well, I am sure she will take it next year if not this year, but she will now be behind a year from the other girls. But what does "future in RAD" mean? Our directors always say, these exams are important if she wants to teach, is that the only purpose?

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Kobbymom, the exams would be needed only if she wanted to teach RAD. RAD and Cecchetti are two methods of teaching ballet which have graded exams. Many of the other methods do not have exams at all. Professional dancers are trained in all different places around the world, and in all of the various methods. No company "dances RAD", but there may be some dancers in the company who were trained in the RAD method, right along with others trained in Vaganova, Cecchetti, Bournonville, French, and International Mix. :) They are all trained in classical ballet, and that is what matters. A well trained dancer will be versatile enough to adjust to the style that the company prefers, as well as be ready to change that style for various choreographers.

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My 2 daughters are both RAD students and have benefitted from the program. One has completed all the exams, both Children's (through Grade 8)and Vocational (through Advanced 2), and my younger daughter should complete her exams in the next year. If you pass your Intermediate exam, you are eligible (when you are minimum age 18 I believe) to begin to pursue certification to teach RAD, which is a relatively lengthy process. If you notice bios of teachers in various programs, it is not unusual to see that they have completed the "vocational exams" which means they have passed the Advanced 2 exam, which is considered to be a noteworthy accomplishment. In general the RAD method has a good reputation and is well known throughout the world. If you receive a score in the highest category "DIstinction" on your Advanced 2 exam, you may be eligible to pursue the "Solo Seal Award" which is definitely a big deal. RAD also does a competition in the UK for qualified dancers.

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My daughter's teacher came to me in 2011 to explain that she didn't think DD would be ready for her Intermediate Foundation exam - she never suggested that DD would fail, but that if she took it in 2011 she would not get the result she deserved. Although it was hard for her when her friends moved to the next level in 2012, none of us regretted the delay when she achieved a Distinction last year! Since the new syllabus came out, more children are not being invited to take exams the first year they are at that level. I think it would be a good idea to make a time to talk to the teacher - it's definitely not the end of the world to delay what is actually a demanding exam. I hope this helps.

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