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Ballet Schools in Florida - Orlando


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Ballet School of Central Florida - they seem to have a good programme for both adults and children/teens. I have searched on here but can't find any info on what this school is like

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Not sure where this one is, Suzanne. Can you give us a website, or tell us where it is located in Florida? Orlando area maybe? If you are in Orlando area, we suggest the Orlando Ballet.

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yes it is in Orlando, on vineland road.

central florida ballet


looking for myself as an adult the open adult class schedule looks better than orlando ballet and is open class which as a nurse I unfortunatly need due to shifts.

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Okay, I understand. That looks like it certainly has quite a large program.

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The students we saw 3 years ago at Grand Prix from this school were lovely as are the students from Orlando Ballet as well. A visit to both will give you a feel for the best atmosphere for you and your DK.

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The artistic director of this program, Vasille Petrutiu use to be the Artistic Director of Orlando Ballet when it was Southern Ballet Theatre. He's from Romania and a WONDERFUL teacher!

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Does anyone have any suggestions for studios or schools that accept walk-ins?


I will be in Orlando, on International Drive, next to that outlet shopping mall, and would really like to attend Beginning or Advanced Beginning adult ballet classes during my one-week stay there.



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Central Florida Ballet is very near that area. The schedule is on the website.


Orlando Ballet has a west campus near I-Drive, but I don't think they offer adult classes at that location: you'd have to go downtown.

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Thanks Bennett. I looked up CFB's fall schedule; I hope that they will offer classes between 12/26/07 - 1/2/08.

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Could any of you recommend a few good ballet schools in Orlando for my daughter to check out. She is 12 and has danced since she was 5. This would be her 3rd year on pointe; however, she hasn't danced since we moved here in Aug. She was at a small local studio in Maryland but did participate for 3 years in the Dance Theater of Harlem's preprofessional program at the Kennedy Center on Saturdays though we lived a good 50 miles from DC. We did check out Orlando Ballet when we first got here, but it was not a good experience for her. The class they put her in seemed to have younger students and the teacher did not even speak to her or approach her during or after class. We were given her placement through the secretary. I know this is a preprofessional school, and I assume very competitive. However, maybe that isn't right for her at this time. Being new in town, she needs to also be able to make friends, and she is used to many of her friends coming from her ballet classes as that is how she's spent much of her non-school time in the past. In any case, I'd really like to find a school for her that has a nice balance...serious enough to be good, but open enough so that she can make friends. She is very homesick and is missing her dance routine a lot. Any help is appreciated!

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Orlando Ballet school is conservative about placement and it is not unusual for students coming from other studios to be placed lower than expected. I've heard parents and students that are frustrated about this, but it is because the school wants to ensure that proper foundational technique is in place. The placement class is not necessarily the level your dd would have been placed in, but is likely with the teacher who would determine placement.


I can't make excuses for the school, but it may have been the hectic stress of Nutcracker season, holidays, and preparation for Jan's YAGP that made the school seem competitive and unfriendly.


I know of students who left Orlando Ballet School for various reasons and went to Central Florida Ballet. A few of their advanced students have also come over to Orlando Ballet School this past year. Those would be the only two schools for serious ballet study that I would consider in the Orlando area. There are good recreational studios, but they do not have sufficient ballet study for a serious ballet student.

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I understand your dilemma, but I need to play the devil's advocate for a moment: It concerns me that your dd was placed en pointe so young. If I'm correct she would have been 9 years old, right? That is really not done anymore in any of the major schools, for many, many reasons. Because of this, I have to say there may be some technical issues that will take some time and patience to correct, if she is interested in pursuing ballet as a career option.


12 years old is a good time to sort through this, and chances are really good that if she works hard, she'll catch up to others her own age. It might only be a matter of months really, but she will have to decide whether she is wanting to dance for social reasons, or because it is something she is serious about.


If she just wants to dance recreationally, there's nothing wrong with that, and you can then sort through where would be the best place for that direction. If, however, she is serious about ballet, then you and she may have to revisit her placement for now.


Good luck. There is some excellent advice on these forums! Check out the Parents of Dancers under 13 forum!!

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I wrote that this is my dd 3rd year on Pointe, meaning she has danced on Pointe 2 full years before now. She was 10 1/2 when she received her Pointe shoes. This is still young, but she was one of only a very few to be on Pointe that young at her studio in the 7 years we were there. The usual age was 12, which was when her older sister went on Pointe. I believe she has received very good technical training. DTH has welcomed many girls (including my dd) from this studio into their preprofessional program at the Kennedy Center year after year. Also many of the dancers from there now dance professionally and most audition for and are accepted into summer intensives at nationally recognized schools by the time they are in high school as it is made clear that they are expected to do so.

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Thanks, Laura. I really had no intention of bashing Orlando Ballet. My dd may want to audition there again one day. :thumbsup: She loves to dance and takes it very seriously. I was just hoping to find a way to meet her social needs as well as our move has been very hard on her. Thanks again!

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Did you try Central Florida Ballet? I'm curious if she liked that particular school any better. It's a very different environment. You either like it or you don't. My DS did a few classes there and though they were extremely challenging. He liked the Russian emphasis, too. Good luck finding a school.

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