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My dd has been at Central Florida Ballet since August 2010. She loves it there! The class sizes are relatively small, and there are many performance opportunities. The teachers are very effective, and I cannot believe the improvements she has made, particularly in her arms. When I look at her arabesque photos from last year and this year, the change is so clear! The CFB studio is on the small side, and is in southwest Orlando.


There are a few additonal ballet schools, besides CFB and OBS. The Russian Ballet of Orlando has two locations, one downtown, and the other is in southeast Orlando. I hear there is also a good ballet school in Mt. Dora, but perhaps that would be too far for you. I don't know much about these other schools, but perhaps your dd could visit.


Good luck to you in finding the best school for your dd! I know it is a difficult journey.

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We are moving to Windermere this summer. My daughter is still very young but very serious about dance. She has no interest in being at a "dance team" type studio and would prefer a studio schedule that allows her to dance more than once per week.


Right now we are looking into the Russian Academy of Ballet, Orlando Ballet School and Central Florida Ballet.


Specifically are there differences in the method of dance, size of classes, classes/hours offered. Do teachers give lots of corrections or are the younger (Kindergarten, first grade) classes more "creative movement." Are the corrections verbal or is the teacher 'hands on' to demonstrate proper placement etc.


Thanks so much. My daughter is definitely in this grey area of wanting something more serious but not getting it because of her age. We were just going to switch studios to Emerald Ballet Theatre in Bellevue, WA but not we're moving so we have to get something else figured out.

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Any recent feedback on Central Florida Ballet? 

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Some lovely people that were teaching there when this thread was started are no longer teaching there or are teaching considerably less this year. 

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