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Today I was having a really, really, off day. We were stretching, first, and my right hip just kept sending out "stop" signals during easy exercises. I stopped, and told my teacher, but I think she wanted me to keep stretching anyways, which I didnt, because it hurt too much.

Next, we did simple turns (single pirouettes) and on my left, I could barely turn. During chaines and piques, I kept losing my spot, and overall, I felt like a beginning dancer again. I know its the beginning back from break, but I danced really well yesterday, with this teacher, so she could tell it was a really off day.

What do you teachers, when you see students who are just not on their game, think? I love this teacher, and doubt that she would be mad at me for not doing well, but I don't want it to affect my placement next year (this and my other off days).

How should I avoid off days?

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Most of the time "off days" happen when the first thing goes wrong, and one decides that they are having an off day. Unless you are sick or really, seriously exhausted, there is no reason for an off day except that the brain goes into negative mode. And once that starts, it keeps going, unless one is able to recognize that one thing went wrong but that is not the end of the world nor the start of a whole class being off. If you can recognize that, and redirect the energy into what you have to do instead of what went wrong, there is a good chance you can pull it back together. Just because one thing goes off does not mean that everything else has to go off too. That is in the brain.

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That sounds like me today! I was probably overtired and ready to take a nap, so when something went wrong...

Thanks for the advice!

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You're welcome! Try to remember that next time :)

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On Wednesday, I had a sore throat, but still went to dance, and the same thing happened. I tried to say "Its just one mistake" but I got 20 or 30 more corrections than normal, over basic things like head placement over the shoulders. I woke up thursday morning and had a fever :innocent: no dance yesterday or today :(

I think I know the cause of Wednesdays off day!

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Yep. Best not to dance when you're sick. Stops the germs from spreading to your fellow dancers too!!

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