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Hi there! (:


I have a really long list of places I would like to auditions (19....way to many) and I was wondering if any one had some tips on how to cut down on my list? My problem is I don't want to skip a certain place in case I don't get into anothe certain place.

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Molly, I suggest that you meet with your teacher and show her the list and let her help you decide which places are both realistic and hopefully the most beneficial for you. Doing a number of auditions is good, but 19 is ridiculous. Study the list again by going through the reviews of the programs here on our SI forums. Then narrow it as much as you can yourself. After that, get help from a teacher! :yes:

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19 is really crazy I know, I plan on doing maybe 8, probably less. My problem is that I am a student at UNCSA and my teacher last term was a guest and is gone now, and my other teacher has to leave everyday right after class to pick up her kids from school. :/

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Try to arrange a time to meet with your teacher. Or another teacher. Surely you have more than one teacher at NCSA?

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Molly, the "smile" icon is colon then parenthesis: :)

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