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Two studios?


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I have been taking at two different studios for a few months and was wondering if this was a bad thing?

I thought that getting training from more then a few people would be a good thing (they look at me from different point of view ect.) But is this a really bad thing? (the training styles are a bit different)


(the teachers at both of my schools are okay with it by the way)




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Alli, I'm not really fond of the idea for a 13 year old. The only reason to do that would be if you live where the schools do not offer enough classes in ballet, and you have to go to two different ones to get more classes. That is not the best situation, but sometimes necessary.


If your school does not offer enough ballet, or the quality of training that you need for ballet, then try to find another school that does. You mention really wanting to dance in a major ballet company, therefore you are at the age where you need to be in a pre-professional program. I think you are currently in a competition school, and that will not work for ballet.

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Ms. Leigh,

Sorry it took me so long to reply.


One of the schools does offer a small competition team. But it is a small part of the school. The school also has a ballet program lead by a teacher that danced with Milwakee Ballet and taught at Walnut Hill Performing Arts Academy for years. The other school i am going to I went to because the school that offers competition (that just opened) didn't do a Nutcracker and I wished to particapate in one.


Thanks again for all your help!



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This is just my personal story:

My friend just transferred to a larger dance school a few months ago because she didn't like our school's current ballet technique. Now in the larger school, she is taking the ballet plus private lessons from the teacher to get her body used to the technique. Two diffrent schools (she is still taking lessons here, but in other styles) can mean two very diffrent techniques. You might find yourself using one schools techinque for echappes, for example, while in the other school. Combining two is very hard, and not always something that I would say to try. While you might increase some horizons, you might be combining the actual techniques together, which can be very dangerous.

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PrettyonPointe, while it has been stated that going to 2 schools is not the best way, it has also been stated that if that is the only way to get enough classes, then one needs to do it. That would not have been said if there is any danger involved. Learning more than one way to do things can be a little confusing at first, but dangerous? No.

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