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Big toes won't point more


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I would appreciate an expert opinion on this matter, please?

My big toes have always been like this; they won't point further than this even when I strain to point my feet really well, unless I actually CURL the toe which I know is not good. Could this be problematic when I finally DO go on pointe?

Is it considered a bad thing?


Also, my podiatrist said that I have a bunion on the TOP of my feet, just bone, no redness or swelling....I never even knew I had these. You can see what he means on the right foot better; the thicker bony ridge. Could this be problematic?


One other thing, my doc said that I have a high arch when I always thought it was medium. What do you think? And I believe my instep is pretty good?


I have all this interest in my feet since visiting my podiatrist yesterday in regards to my sore big toe, which is only a little soft tissue damage by the way. :thumbsup:

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I do not think a toe shaped that way would cause problems, but I am not 100% sure--when possible, you should probably ask your teacher and podiatrist just to be entirely certain. As far as I know, a bunion on the top of the foot should not cause a problem with pointe work.


Your arch and instep are just fine for pointe, and I am glad to hear that your toe injury is minor!

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Thanks Hans! So many folks seem to have those teensy little toes that can point all the way down...I was feeling inadequate!!! Or overly adequate, perhaps! ;)

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I did not join snapfish to see all three photos, so I am only speaking from the 1st photo. I suppose I have a question first before responding to your question. Could you show a photo of what you consider "curling" your toes to be?


Since you are studying ballet/pointe as an adult student, may I recommend that you not become so involved with the concerns of someone pursuing ballet as a profession? Perhaps your goal as an adult student of ballet might need a bit of a reality check. Enjoy the ballet. It has much to offer. Strive to be the best that you can be. :blushing: Adult ballet students are able to achieve so very much. The passion and physical development of a student choosing to study ballet at an age where a professional career is not under consideration, is an example for all to admire. Be proud of yourself in all that you are able to achieve. :thumbsup:

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I have added a picture I found of what I believe to be curling toes ( you will have to join snapfish to see though...sorry)...not mine, obviously as mine won't do this.

I really am just the kind of person who likes to immerse myself in what I do..I am a painter and I am also a lover of ballet and I am actually combining the two loves by painting feet,arms, muscles, etc... so like to understand how the body works.

I have no dillusions of grandeur...the most I want from my classes is to be the best I can be, not the sugar plum fairy:)

But my teacher said that I will be good to go on point eventually, so I am just very excited about this.

I also want to make sure that my feet will not suffer from this pursuit; that they are the right type of feet, namely.

And I am proud of myself, thanks! ;)

I have come very far in a short time.

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While you are curling your toes in the 4th picture, I think you might find that the pointe shoe will not allow you to curl to such an extent. You also do continue to use your instep and arch. This is a plus. In order to know how your feet look in a pointe shoe, you really would need to see it on an x-ray. Please understand, I do not think that is necessary! :wacko: Stop worrying so much and see how it is on pointe! :thumbsup:

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And remember, at this time, pointe is still a good ways off. Training may very well modify what your foot looks like and how it works. Let's not burn our bridges before we come to them.

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:wink: Any ideas on how one could persuade a doctor to let one have X-rays of one's foot en pointe? :) I would never actually do that but it would be interesting...
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I bet my podiatrist would do it! How interesting that would be! If you have a genuine concern about how your shoes fit, he might be open it it :)

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I know mine would. I've been apparently his education into the world of the older dance student! LOL!

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:rolleyes: Any ideas on how one could persuade a doctor to let one have X-rays of one's foot en pointe? :) I would never actually do that but it would be interesting...


Let's hope your doctor would pass up the opportunity to expose your body to X-rays that aren't medically necessary.

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Jadey, are you on pointe and if so...does the toe affect your dancing? Have you been able to train yourself to point the toe atall?

I can point from my ankle and foot very well but the poor toe...just loves to point the wroing way :(

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No I'm not, although I would love to be one day! When I took ballet as a kid I was always singled out as an example of a well pointed foot, though, and I'm sure it would've been the same back then - do your dancing shoes help it point the right way? Mine is less obvious when it's inside a shoe!

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