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Hi everyone! I got some dance store gift cards for the holidays, which means for once I can buy a leo that looks good, not just whatever's cheapest! I'm wondering if has suggestions for leos that might look good on me. I have extremely broad shoulders and a wide back, and am quite muscular. Camisoles with skinny straps make me look like He-Man in a prom dress, halters emphasize my shoulders even more, and tanks look decent but are boring. Right now the only leo I really like is this one: http://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/sty...p;SID=219000496 . Any suggestions for other things to try?

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Do you get leotards with deep, but narrow plunging necklines? These disgise wide shoulders when worn in a normal top. Probably long or three-quarter sleeved too, as cap sleeves would draw the eye back up to the shoulders.

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I have this leotard. I also have developed broad shoulders and back (due to all my weight lifting and swimming in my youth), but I don't know if it makes me look any better or not. It's a comfortable and durable leotard.

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I have this leotard too, but while it's perfectly fine, I don't know if it's anything to get super excited about!


I do think that things with seaming -- princess seams, or the kind that are angled into the waist -- are nice, and might work on you? Mirella and Bloch have some out, often Capezios have princess seaming, and some Natalies?

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Mazenderan, that's a great idea! Looking around there aren't too many leos with narrower, deeper v-necks, but there are a some. I'll definitely give those a try! I'm hesitant to try long sleeves because I'm a sweaty gal, but I can't argue with the logic...are there any fabrics out there that don't show sweat?


Ami, I agree, princess seams are pretty much always flattering! I'm glad you (and luceroblanco) like the leo I linked - I know it's pretty basic, but I'm not looking for anything fancy, just a more flattering shape.


Thanks all!

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