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Exercise for smaller butt

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I think some of us might want to re-read Clara 76's post--she says lots of slow developpés will add bulk, not remove it! Too many developpés are NOT a good idea. :thumbsup:


Proper alignment & control over turnout does wonders! If one is tilting or tucking the pelvis, the wrong muscles are overused, causing bulkiness. Another thing that adds to bulkiness is if the work in ballet class is not balanced correctly, so say, 64 slow developpés would do it!

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LOL! Too much of anything probably isn't good, no matter what it is! <g>

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Victoria Leigh

The problem with slow développés, especially lots of them, is that they OVER work the quads. It's like slow grand pliés, in that they are more harmful than beneficial. Nothing in ballet will over develop the muscles if they are done correctly, balanced well in terms of where the exercises are placed in the order of things, and with a common sense quantity. The whole technique of ballet is supposed to develop length, not bulk. Bulk happens when things are done too much, too slowly, or incorrectly, unless of course there is bulk to start with due to a genetic propensity.


Hans is totally right in terms of what Clara was saying, in terms of 64 slow développés being a totally WRONG thing to do.

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