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18 year old beginner


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Hi everyone, I'm Josh, I'm 18 years old and I attend college in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I joined this awesome site because I have such admiration for the art of ballet, I grew up watching my sister dance, who is now very successful en pointe. I love watching and attending ballets and I would love to do what those talented men do on stage, but I'm afraid I'm starting far too late.


Is there any type of exercise or stretching that I can do to help improve my skills as a dancer? Also, is there any kind of physical activity I should stay away from as I try to make a transition into ballet? (I'm 5' 10", 135 lbs, and pretty lean. Currently I run, play tennis and do basic strength training for exercise). Thank you so much!

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Hi, Josh, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :)


Ballet is all about itself in terms of physical work. If you want to dance in the ballet vocabulary, you have to take ballet classes. Ballet requires legs which turn out from the hip, so a skill set requiring neutral turnout of the feet, as downhill skiing, is not recommended. That's just one, but you'll learn as you go.

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Ok, luckily I'm a terrible skier so I'll stay away from the slopes! I'm working on finding a ballet class that will suit my schedule. Thank you so much for your advice

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