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Adult dance classes northwest England


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I have returned to ballet after 23 years break! I passed my pre elementary exam and was working at elementary as a child and then gave up.


I wish i had thought of it earlier but now I have managed to find an adult dance class that is not too far from Chester (England) that takes adults who have done some ballet before.


My children thought it was hilarious when i told them that i was going to ballet class and i had my doubts about going being overweight and 37. However i kept telling myself to give it a try and i am so glad i did. The class was lovely with seven of us all together all similar age ish and the teacher was very pleasant.



I went to my first class this week and enjoyed it so much i went to another class the day after, words cannot describe how good it felt to be able to dance to music again I just Love it.


Now i find i am making plans to go to more classes but this may be difficult as where i go dont do any more adult classes and there doesn't seem to be much else locally.


Also are there Ballet hols for adults in England? I would love to do that.

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I just wanted to update in case the information helps anyone else.

I went to KNT Danceworks in Machester, I travelled from Chester ( an hour on the train) and I enjoyed the class and the travel. It was a large class (at a guess around 30-40 people) but the class was split into groups when needed so there was enough room, which gave me a much needed rest! The music wasn't the usual classical music and even included a bit of ACDC! It was good fun and a good workout. I wasnt sure about the floor it seemed 'sticky' and involved more effort and strong ankles attempting pirouettes! Perhaps this is because im used to the usual village hall type places with smooth floors when younger. The class is £5 and you pay when you go.


The other class I have been going to just outside Chester is Pointe Works, this is a much smaller class (around 10-15 people) in a village community centre. The instructor is lovely. The music is traditional and this one is perhaps at a slower pace though it is certainly enough for me. Again this class costs £5 when you go, you dont have to pay for a 'term' just let the instructor know when you cannot go out of courtesy.


I have found another class fairly near by that i am going to try which is also for adults this is at North West Dance studios. There is a fee to be paid per term but you can try out the lesson first before you commit yourself. Lessons are around £70ish I think for 12 lessons. I am looking forward to trying this out next week.


Its great that places are catering for adults I am already getting alot of enjoyment out of them.


I would love to find out about summer schools for adults in the UK similar to the SunKing ones and will update once i find out.

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Welcome, Brightside (nice screen nick, by the way). I used to live rather further north west than Chester, and did lovely classes at my local dance agency. I think there's one based in Chester, also, ad one in Liverpool. National and Regional Dance Agencies These are publicly-funded and have an educational mission, so generally try to cater for the full range of dancers, from small children to adults and recreational to professional.


As for adult dance intensives, The Place in London runs them in the Easter and summer vacations, but I'm not sure of any in places north. The Place: Short Courses

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