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msd, you certainly are NOT monopolizing the conversation, I SO appreciate you insight and wisdom-thank you, thank you , thank you!! :) Any and all advice is welcome, perhaps two visits are in order, first this summer, then back again to audition in the fall. :thumbsup:


sophiabuddy, your input is also very valuable to me. We have been struggling with college vs (hopefully) a trainee/second company. We are considering applying/auditioning, then asking for a years deferment to see if dd can even get into a trainee/2nd co. situation.


Funny, the professionals (Dr's, Lawyers, etc..) that I have quizzed about going directly to college vs. following a dream all say DANCE!! DD can only do it while young and college will always be there. Heck, for all we know dd will get into a trainee position and find herself unhappy, but at least she will KNOW and not wonder if she "should have" when she looks back later. Thank you both for your sage advice and if you think of anything else, I'd love to hear! :D

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Thank you for adding this thread! I know my DD is VERY stressed waiting for acceptances from her chosen college ballet programs, but I think it is EQUALLY hard on Mom. Drove over 1100 miles last weekend to get to the latest audition. I feel very old and tired! Every day I go to the mailbox with anticipation/dread. Will this be the day? Some programs do still use the USPS! We received a big padded envelope today, and I almost had heart failure, but it was only a mailing for my husband. I know that I am more nervous about this process than I was about my own college admissions 36 years ago! I wish I could "fast forward" 6 months!

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We are considering applying/auditioning, then asking for a years deferment to see if dd can even get into a trainee/2nd co. situation.

For those considering this path, make sure you know ahead of time the college/university's policy about this. Some will let you defer, others will not. There was a discussion about this last year, I believe. I'll try to find the thread....



Edited to add: this is not the conversation I was thinking of, but it has some useful nuggests nonetheless:


College vs. Trainee decisions

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You are right about checking carefully. After asking lots of questions of lots of universities, the overwhelming majority suggested that a gap year followed by deferral would give dd two years to see how this whole ballet thing works out. That became our plan until dd decided that she wants to keep learning during those two years so she's planning to enroll in a distance learning college and will take one-two courses every year. She's doesn't want to major in dance so this may just work for her. Of course, this plan like all things ballet related can change. This whole process is so scary. Even though dd has the distance college settled, waiting to see who is interested in her, whether there are any open contracts, whether there are work visas available then the implications of 2nd company, jr. company, apprentice, corps, trainee levels are just too nerve wracking. So all these years of training and sacrifice of so much of childhood and family memories could all end up with a dd who is at home doing on-line college without a job. No wonder I'm not sleeping. :)

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I hadn't thought of a gap year AND a deferred year. I will have to talk with our high school college advisor about the ramifications. Thank you for the thread to read, I feel like I may be getting an itty-bitty toe hold on all this thanks to all of you helpful moms, dads, administrators and moderators :)

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Please forgive my ignorance but what is a gap year? Does this mean DK applies to college after Senior year of HS instead of during?

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A 'gap year' is a year the student takes between high school graduation and entering college. That is, the student has a 'gap' between the time she/he finishes high school and when she/he actually applies to college and receives an acceptance to begin.

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A gap year is a "year off" following high school. Some students apply to college then defer. Some students deliberately opt to take a year off and do not even apply to colleges during their senior year. We have a freshman in high school now. The counseling department discusses gap year as an option on the same level with going to college or vocational school or getting a job. It's a concept that has gotten a lot of attention the last few years and, at least at our school, discussed not as just taking off a year but a year that has goals or objectives, often on a more personal level (i.e. traveling, experiencing certain things).


When DS was in high school it was never mentioned (graduated 2009) - you either went to college or didn't. Deferral was for unique situations only. Now, even some colleges and universities will provide ideas and assistance for those students deferring admissions in order to take a gap year.

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It's important that the Gap year is used for something that enriches the student's life, passion and experiences. It's not just taking a year off. Admissions offices agree that taking a year to dance (work) professionally after high school is an ideal way to spend a gap year. One admission's office did advise that they did not recommend more than 2 years out of academic study and said that more than 2 years away from academic study would weaken an application. They also advised some sort of continuing study (self-study or auditing a class) to keep the mind exercised.

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. So all these years of training and sacrifice of so much of childhood and family memories could all end up with a dd who is at home doing on-line college without a job. No wonder I'm not sleeping. :dry:


Welcome to my world of sleepless nights!!!

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The best laid plans . . . Then you have the injured dd during the audition season. DD researched companies in fall, created extensive spreadsheet, prioritized over and over. Plan was to have had 6 company school/trainee auditions and 2 company auditions by this time. Reality . . . 1 company school audition. Fortunately audition was for her top-choice school. Recovering slowly - and learning that this profession requires a great deal of 'flexibility'.

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Good luck to all! DD simply applied to colleges for her academic choices with hopes that there would be dance to fulfill her desire to continue to dance. For her major and college choices the ballet options are few but hopefully something can be pieced together to keep her in the studio a few times per week. Bittersweet a bit for her not to be doing the SI circuit/audition and so forth as her friends are doing but she is happy and in a good place. For her, after making the decision to pull away from serious ballet track last spring, she needed to come to terms with the fact she choose this option and not the other way around (in that she couldn't have been successful if she continued on). Best wishes to all and I hope to hear of many success stories this year!!

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Best wishes for peace of mind to all of you and success for all of your dancers. We're following close behind :)

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Good wishes to you all, I remember this time of the year all to well as we are one year ahead of you. It is stressful auditioning but I think DD was even more stressed when she had to make a decision about where to go. But she did admit it was nice to have the situation flipped.

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