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Like a mom who posted earlier, my oldest is looking into BFA programs, while my dd who is a freshman in HS is looking at SIs with possible residential programs. WE too have been going crazy and broke with the combination of several trips into NYC, philadelphia and boston. My oldest is liviv that my dd will "take her attention away again" by possibly going away the same year she is and I can not think how we will pay for college much less a residential hs program for the dancer. It is so hard to make these life changing decisions with both daughters. The eldest is pasionate about musical theater but is unsure if she can or wants to enter it as a career. The dd is convinced this is her career and tries to convince us she won't be going to college because she will be a trainee somewhere (so we can feel free to spend money on her now). As an earlier mom said, who knew when they were so cute singing and dancing around the room it would end like this. Thank God my 3rd is a the boy, who just wants to be an engineer. Thanks for giving me a forum to vent.

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Like other parents of Seniors, I am in the midst decision time. DD was accepted to one BFA program, waiting for results from second BFA program (it's my choice not that that matters); has received three acceptances for SI's, waiting on three additional SI responses; auditioned for two company positions - waiting on those results; and several apprentice/trainee/second company responses.


I would love to be done with the audition process, but that might just be my being tired from having a full weekend of auditions which included driving across halfway around Texas! DD is very adamant about not wanting to pursue the college route unless absolutely necessary come this fall.


I am trying to figure out how to manage getting her to more than one SI where she's auditioning/being considered for second companies. DD has been very vocal the past two summers about dancers who come in for a week or less at an SI to be considered for second company rather than being there the whole SI. Now we are facing that same situation. I already know how she feels but there are no guarantees and if a second company position is what she wants then I understand bouncing around from SI to SI come summer. I just hate to put "all the eggs in one basket" but am highly tempted to do so.


Then there's the Senior year of school stuff. Trying to keep DD from self destructing under the stress of the schoolwork - she's trying to move up in class standings. SHE isn't happy with her current rank of 14. Me - I'm tickled pink she's in the top 3% of her class, going to state for debate for second year in a row, and entering a ceramics project in V.A.S.E. And then there's prom....I got the bright idea to offer to make her prom gown so that it's a one of a kind creation (yes, I did momentarily lose my sanity). The end is in sight...I'm just not sure if it's the light at the end of the tunnel or if it's a loaded for bear freight train coming at me at top speed! :blink:


I know it's been stated previously and there are others in the boat with me so I am going to state it again. I wish I had a crystal ball at this point. I know this too shall pass and I just have to keep the boat afloat until we can get to safe harbor but that shore seems to be quite a distance away.


To my fellow Senior parents, enjoy the ride. It's gonna be over before we know it. :(:grinning:

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Kellinger, I read your post and am curious about the wording of acceptances which include the option of attending less than the full SI. DD received several offers with definite trainee/apprentice/second company offers for fall, but they do still require that she attend their FULL summer program, even though for her it isn't technically an audition period per se (although all do include a clause that year-round offers can be revoked if they see fit after working with her during the summer; I guess that is standard?) Rarely, DD has seen dancers attend an SI with her for the final week, presumably for similar reasons. But, we have never seen a letter that makes that sound possible; in fact, they usually state the opposite quite firmly. How do people do it? We are rule-followers...

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marigold, I fell for it, too! DD had found that somewhere else, back in December, and had asked it a few questions regarding predictions for SI/next fall auditions, just for fun, and, looking back, its answers all came true!!!! How freaky!

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The letters DD have received all state full attendance is mandatory at SI and yes, we are rule followers here as well (it's one of our biggest pet peeves but that's a whole nuther topic...). The only reason we know about dancers attending the SI for a week is DD saw it happen as well as talking to the dancers themselves. Believe me, it annoyed her to no end that these dancers were not staying for the full time. I heard about it ad nauseam.


Obviously it occurs since DD has witnessed it the past two summers and spoke to other dancers about why they were not staying for the entire time. I have strong personal feelings on the matter but I can also understand why a dancer might need/want to be seen at several intensives. I would love to know what the powers that be actually think about the matter but we all know that's not going to happen.


I put it out there hoping maybe someone who has done this previously would let us know how they managed to accomplish it. :(

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but I can also understand why a dancer might need/want to be seen at several intensives.

Isn't that what an audition (prior to an SI) is for?? We've been to just a few of those... :wink:

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