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Wisdom from my daughter


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I just feel like I wanted to share this story, and thought the BT4D board would understand. DD is 13 and this is her first year in the Senior performing company level at our studio.


We recently had the casting for the Spring Show. Let me start by saying that this ballet has three levels of Corps, Corps A, Corps B, and Corps C. DD was placed in the Corps C level with many of the Junior company dancers. Meanwhile most of the other girls she moved up from Jr Company with are dancing the Corp B role. We don't know why this is, it could be because DD is a little shorter than all the other girls, or it could be based on skills.


We were discussing the casting, who got what, who got solos, who was dissappointed, and was she dissappointed? She told me that one of the dancers was cast in Corp B but expected to be in Corp A and was so upset she could barely speak to contain her tears. I asked her if she was dissappointed to be dancing with the Jr Company girls when all her Sr company friends would be dancing Corps B together. She said "Well I was a little but then I thought about it. I decided I would rather be in Corps C and be happy, than be in Corp B and be upset like Jane."



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What a blessing to have such an intelligent head on her shoulders. She can go anywhere with that attitude and wisdom. They learn so much on their own from these experiences. :)

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