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Wise Choice? Or Not?


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I'm in my sophomore year of high school, and this year has been the most academically challenging school by far-balancing AP and Honors classes with ballet classes, my school's dance team (practices 5 hours a week), clubs, leadership organization, a social life, and sleep has proven to be more work than I thought it would be.


Because of this schedule, my first semester of school only allowed me to take ballet class once a week-with pointe maybe every other week; however there were weeks when I was so stumped with schoolwork that I didn't even get to go to ballet for a couple weeks or so. However, next semester's schedule replaces one of my honors classes with a gym class (no homework), and also my high school dance team's season is finished.


Of course I have lost strength in my technique and pointe skills, and I've noticed it's become harder for me to go through just one technique class.


Now that second semester is coming up next week, I decided I could fit in an extra ballet technique and pointe class and I even agreed to participate in my studio's spring production of Sleeping Beauty.


Was this a wise choice or not? I would love to hear your input, please!


On a side note: I don't plan on becoming a professional dancer, although I'm considering ballet as a minor in college though.

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Shannonian, the problem is that you are not getting enough training to be ready for pointe classes, much less performance in Sleeping Beauty. And, if you continue like this, I don't think you will even make a minor in a decent college dance program. If you want to continue to dance and perform on one or two classes a week, at least drop the pointe. If you want to work on pointe, then find a way to prioritize and schedule yourself so that you can have at LEAST 3 tech. classes a week, plus pointe classes, and rehearsals. You just cannot expect to stay in ballet performance or audition condition without classes, and one or two a week is like being without classes for a dancer at the pointe and performance level.

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Thank you very much for your input, Mrs. Leigh-I'm still considering whether or not I would like to minor in ballet for college. The colleges that I aim on being accepted to have a far higher academic reputation rather than a high ballet reputation. However, they do offer ballet as a minor and that is really the only thing that I am looking for. I do not know if I will even minor in ballet in college yet, over the past two years academics have grown much of a larger priority than ballet.


Saying that, I'm merely just an average teenage girl who loves dancing, school, extracurriculars, and my family and friends; trying to find the right balance. As you can imagine, I love to perform on stage and the Sleeping Beauty is much too large of a temptation to resist ;). I'll keep your input in mind over the next week while I make a definite decision for the recital or not.

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