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Hope noone minds but i wanted to kick start the month of February with some news, i did my first pointe class since August tonight and survived. I have also gotten the ok from my teacher to join the performance troupe for ballet and have managed to secure a regular private lesson spot to work towards my exams this year and tomorrow i start a course in stretch sewing pattern making, so maybe by dance camp in August i will have some of my own designed leos to show off. Phew... Now i have a hand cramp because im typing this on an iphone so its over to you to share your good news :innocent:

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That sounds really cool appleblossom! Congrats! And, I'd love to see some of your leo designs!


I just wanted to say again how much I love my new school. I am in perfectionists' heaven. Oh, and the other day, the teacher had us do splits, and I felt like I was closer to a perfect split than ever before. Even with my foot pointed, I could feel the underneath of my calf against the floor -something I have never felt before! I think something about the way my muscles are being worked here - all the steps are executed sloooooowly, for the most part - is making me more limber. :lol:

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Congratulations, appleblossom. Sounds like a full dance card :unsure: How did you like pointe class?


We start working on a piece next weekend for two area showcases - I'm very excited to have a chance to perform again. The Nutcracker was so much fun, and the thought of waiting a year until it came around again was a bit depressing.

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Pointe class was good. My left ankle is a little bit puffy today but not too sore, i chickened out of doing the echappes and releves in the centre as i am still a bit scared of rolling my ankle again. Theres just something about that security of the barre being in front of you that I like.

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Nice to hear everyone's good news.


I am enjoying my classes this year. I am struggling a little with boredom in one of my lower level classes, but I think that's just cos it's the beginning of the year and the teachers are still teaching a lot of new things that take time - when everyone knows the steps we'll move a bit faster. I also keep reminding myself that I am never too good for a low level class - there's always something I can/need to work on :innocent:

As for my own level classes, I am really enjoying them. I am constantly challenged but that's a good thing. And sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised by myself (I can do a sissonne fermée relevée en pointe in the centre first try?!?).


Yesterday we learnt a bumper of a step: Sissonne fermée changée battue en tournant. Say that five times fast and then try to dance it :) I didn't quite manage it at the speed we needed to do it but it's something to work towards.

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Wow, such great news from everyone....


appleblossom I hope that your ankle doesnt give you any hassles!


Je Suis Aimee - wow, I wish I could say the same, my splits are a bit pathetic.


Tarthulhu - lucky you, a part of me wishes that we did more productions.


Swantobe - on pointe? wow you are brave!


I am enjoying my classes this year althoug I am being pushed very hard as I am scheduled to do exams in September.

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Un be lieve able.... Grrrr my work has just offered me a more permanent position but its monday to thursday nights. Which means quitting ballet again..... Grrrr why cant it ever all just fall in to place.

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Oh dear appleblossom...I hope you can work something out.


Balletlove - for some reason I'm more scared of turns en pointe (on one leg) than sissonnes relevées en pointe!



Today, the teacher used me to demonstrate an aspect of alignment and placement to a lower level class. This is an area I have really struggled in and have been working hard on and it's nice to see the hard work is paying off! Such a small thing to happen, but a boost to my spirits nevertheless.

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Always nice to discover such things, isn't it? Tonight we did a variation in modern and the teacher is slightly injured so he asked me to show the things he couldn't do to some new students. I did and finally I managed to understand some movements I never got right. I did much better when I had to go through it and I really could "feel" it (finally!).

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Balletlove - Trust me, I can relate. 99% of the time, I am one of the few who cannot do a split, and it's always been like that, even back when I was a cheerleader. I so wish I could do one, I so envy the people who can let go of the ground!

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I always was quite flexible, and the fact that I'm not (almost) on the ground now is entirely because I stretch way too little. :shrug:

But now I've moved in september to this apartment that has carpet it's even worse, because this floor is NOT appropriate for stretching. I burned my knee the first time I tried. Now I sometimes put a blanket or something on the floor, but it never stays where it is so this is far from ideal.

Not that I would do it much more often without the carpet... I really should try and make it a daily habit. I think I'm going to write down a routine, that'll make it easier for me to start I think :unsure:


My Fantastic February Feature for today is that I managed two clean singles in a row and one clean double pirouette today! It's been MONTHS since I did a clean pirouette! I had a period (August) when I could do triples, but the last weeks I didn't even try for doubles anymore, and couldn't even manage singles. I hope I can keep this up :unsure:

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Second night of memorizing choreography for our June recital piece (one more night to go). I feel much better after last night. The first night, I was beginning to wonder what the heck I was thinking to even want to participate. :)


After the first night, I wrote everything down and memorized it on paper. That helped a great deal (even though I didn't really practice the steps physically). So, last night wasn't as taxing on the old brain.


One more night of choreography, then we will be complete. After that, five months to get it up to speed and polished.


Of course...I'm in a second recital, haven't learned that part yet. :D

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My Fabulous February for now is we have "dance month" on a local tv channel.

The whole month there will be so many dance and music movies on! I already saw Save the Last Dance (for the 45th time, I cried again) and Fame! (just love that movie). Still to come this month are other musicals and dancemovies so for the time I'm still too weak to dance I know what to do :blink:

And the 17th of this month a new reality show will start about Pineapple dance studios in London.


I'll be back on the dancefloor myself later this month :)

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Rock, enjoy all the movies! Just don't get your expectations up too high about the Pineapple Studios show -- I came across it in the fall, and it was so terrible I couldn't even make it through the first episode.

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