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Doing well in college


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I am not too sure whether is this the right place to post it but I am 19 this year and upon graduation from the polytechnic, I plan to apply for a degree program in dance majoring in ballet.


I started late at 15 and I was wondering if there is any possibility of doing well in college?


I know that professional careers are out of the question but is a college program realistic? I love to dance and love anything that is related to ballet like physiology, anatomy and all.


I hope that after college, I would have more experience and information for a teacher rather than just from the CBTS (Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies RAD) training itself


EDIT: When I graduate, I would be 21

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chocakety, starting late is not nearly as much a factor for getting into a college program as one's ability and previous training. There are so many college programs these days, some of which are very hard to get into, and others not so hard at all. If you still have two more years of training, you will be that much more ready! :unsure:

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