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February Frustration


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Ack! Another Wednesday, another snow storm - another missed class. I know this is a small thing in the scheme of things, but sheesh it is getting old! This time, the entire state is closed down, no UPS, no FEDEX, no work today for most of us. We've had so many snow storms on Wednesdays that I've taken more classes on Thursday than Wednesday this winter. The problem with that is the Thursday class is not for adults, it is a teen pointe class and I just try to keep up. We (the adults) are thinking of starting a class on Fridays if the teacher is receptive to the idea. ***and now - back to clearing a path to the front door***

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Ah poor you...

Is the weather better on Fridays? Where I live it is always raining on Friday afternoons, since I have to cycle an hour to my weekend job straight from University.

I'm going to be missing out on class this week as well, tonight I'll sit on the couch and watch class, tomorrow I'm going to skip completely I think...

It is safest this way, I have been fainting a lot the last days and I don't want to spook anyone by just dropping down in the middle ;)


But this is the last week for radiation therapy, so the rest of the month I hope to be able to post in the 'fabulous February features' :innocent:

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Take care Rock, hope you're back to class soon and feeling better!

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Rock, it is good to hear you're doing so well. I hope to see your posts in the Fabulous February soon. Yes, our Fridays seem to be without precipitation, don't know why, but we've had this weather pattern now for two years. Saturdays are usually "iffy". Personally, I'd like to just add another class to our week. Unfortunately, most folks don't want to take a class on Friday evenings, unless we don't have a class on Wednesdays. I guess I'll just take what I can get for now.

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Oh yes, I am frustrated: Without going into details...there are teacher that can just manage to tear you down and destroy your slowly built up selfesteem in 90 min. I had a modern class where we had to do a modern variation on pointe, including some fouettés, 8 to be precise. Everyone of us had to try how many we would get. I usually manage around 10. I know that I do not do them very well but she managed to tear me so apart that I wanted to run out of class and cry. You know, sometimes it does not really matter what you say in words, there are just people who manage to pronounce things in a way that it comes extremly negative and unfortunately, she is one of them.


Another teacher told me once that I would have my box I am in and dance in that box, moving across the room in my box. He told me to try to get out of that box. In his class I manage to get out of my box sometimes but in the other teachers class, as soon as I try she makes me to pieces, so that I prefer to stay in my box and be left in peace. I already have a very low selfesteem and dealing with such people does not make it any better. Basically I have no problems at all with critics but when it comes in a negative way, I can close myself into my box for quite a long time *sigh*

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Claude - I'm sorry to hear that. I wish I had advice but maybe someone wiser than myself will come along and give you some advice. From my experience, though, it is hard to be in a class like you had today and you need to try to remember that it's just one class, just one teacher. It's okay to have bad days and weaker areas.


Rock - Hang in there, nearly at the end of this radiation road. Hope to see you in Fabulous February soon. Have fun watching some nice ballet movies in the meantime :thumbsup:

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Thank you Swantobe. I feel better now. Tonight the AD came over to me and told me that I would have done pretty well in the pointe variation (and she does not say such thing just to make people happy). Then I did another variation tonight and obviously I do it good enough that I had to demonstrate it all the time (teacher is injured and need help for a couple of movements). My selfconfidence is coming back slowly.

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I'm not dancing because of that stupid hamstring. I finally get to go to my pt tomorrow. I really hope he can help me feel better. I have a musical theatre exam in a week and a half, and not only would I like to take the dance exam, I would also like to do the last rehearsal this Saturday. If I don't, but I take the exam, I just know I'll suck.


I hate not being able to dance and today my singing lesson was cancelled as well. That leaves only my crappy job (and a very bad mood!)

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I haven't been to class in two weeks due to illness (just a lingering cold but it makes me sneeze/cough/feel so tired) and work. So, I'm hoping to feel well enough to make it to class Saturday. I haven't posted in a while so I wanted to stop by to say hi. I moved last fall and have found a good studio in my new city. I am very happy that I got asked to be in their show in early June but I decided not to do it as I am back in school for my masters. Well, I hope everyone is staying warm!! :yes:


Marjolein, hope your hamstring gets better. I pulled mine in 8th grade, had to sit out of dance for a month. I didn't think of it at the time (and probably couldn't have afforded it). That leg is still a little tighter than my other leg.

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I finally saw my pt and he recons I won't be dancing for another 2 or 3 weeks at least. So that means I can't take the exam. I'm quite devastated!


This also means I'll have to spend every evening at home and I have nothing to look forward to after a whole day of my terrible job.

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Marjolein :blink:

God I'm so sorry for you!

Can't you rent a lot of good movies? Or take some nice evening walks? Buy a trainticket to the beach one evening to get some air? It is supposed to be quite windy tomorrow, I'm thinking about the beach :)

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I am taking classes 4 times a week now and have been back at ballet since August (after a 20 year break!) and I am so frustrated that I am so behind! I know that I need to pat myself on the back as I am so much better than I was when I started back, but my expectations are very high and I want to be better but I don't feel like it's happening fast enough for me.

Soon, there will be another two easier classes offered a week so I am planning on 6 classes a week and the occasional private class too!

I work so hard at this but I feel that I take one step forward and two back! I know...I know...it's all just for me and I know that I can't and won't ever be a "real" ballerina but I want to have some of the qualities that a real dancer has; grace, ease of movement, a nice line and to be able to execute the steps well.

I set up a little studio at home and my teacher has agreed to give me provate classes here for a good price..I am lucky!


Is it possible that I will ever be good???? I want to be so badly....I get disillusioned easily as I am a bit of a perfectionist. At least I can now put my leg up to the side quite high and I can finally do a decent glissade assemble and a nice pique( I think!).


But...how do you get through the dark seemingly hopeless times...?

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So you've now officially been doing ballet for SIX MONTHS. You haven't even been doing it for a year. Give yourself a break. It takes time. Even if you take 6 classes a week and private classes you are a human being and there is only so much you can process at once. I assume you also have a day job! The body needs time to adjust and recover and the mind needs time to process what it's learning. I haven't even seen you dance but obviously you have made a lot of improvements and put so much time and effort into this. The first time you posted you were having issues with your hips, then your toe--assuming that these overuse problems/injuries have been healed, you can now move forward. But consider how much you have gone through physically and learned already.


To get through the dark seemingly hopeless times, you focus on the LIGHT. You focus on what you are good at (in ballet) and what you can build upon. You focus on having fun, give yourself a reachable goal for each class/week and celebrate it when you make it. You do not beat yourself up over what you cannot do...

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I know, Luceroblanco...and thanks...I AM much better and it HAS only been 6 months (actually more like 5 as I started at the end of August) so I am doing well for that. Indeed, my hips are fine now (it was just muscular according to my chiropractor) and my toe was soft tissue damage and it ok too :blink:

I work from home as an artist an animator so have a lot of time to obsess! ;)

I will promise to focus on what I CAN do this year...and really I am improving in leaps and bounds (pun intended)!

I just wanted to vent a bit as this thread is "February Frustration" :)

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