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Thanks for both bits of advice! :D I'm still working on these at home because my teacher now will call out random positions to helps us learn them in class. They are coming a little easier now but I still get turned around in faster ones where we combine them all.

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Victoria Leigh

They will come, be patient! It's just repetition, repetition, repetition. :D

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lesean1977, I dont think that there is any shortcut to learning the positions. For me what helped was to learn them and execute them in sequence which Miss Leigh kindly provided. I found doing these in front of the mirror at home again and again is what eventually cemented it for me. Do it all the way through with the port de bras (both sets of 8) and then do it all the way through without the port de bras. If you are not using the port de bras you REALLY have to use epaulment to help you to get to the next position.


We are definitely taught that you close in the old position and go to the new position. Meaning you have to completly finish with whatever the feet were doing in the croisé devant (tendu or grande battement or ...) ie they have to be back in a firm fifth position before you change the body direction and feet for the À la Quatrieme devant.

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