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Too young for tampons??? Help


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my dd got her first period the morning of her first SI audition of the season - which we had pre-registered for. She was crying hysterically. I told her it was completely up to her - we could miss the audition if she wanted, but if she wanted to continue on the path to her dream of being a professional she really couldn't opt to not dance a week out of the month. She insisted she wanted to do the audition and wanted to use a tampon - so day one of period one she used a tampon. and she wouldn't let me in the bathroom. so we read the pamphlet together before and then I stood outside the door trying to talk her through it for what seemed like forever. it was a good choice though because she had it for about 2 weeks and through 3 auditions. One was a two hour drive and thank goodness she had an extra leo/tights in her bag because she had an "incident" and had to change before the audition. just realized typing this that it has been about a year since all of this transpired - wow - what a difference a year makes...

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A reminder that this conversation is on the Parents (public) forum and not PTA. It's not that we think the subject should not be addressed, it is a common question that needs answering for our younger dancers. But as we become more and more detailed in the answers. We also need to realize in sharing the personal experiences of our children in this regard it might be worth asking : "if my child was overhearing me discuss this in the studio lobby what would she say to me."


I know for me, my child would have no problem with me helping an individual mom who asked the question. But, if she overheard me discussing it in the studio lobby with all the moms, she would have my head, publicly. So just a reminder in case your child is like that, this is the public forum not PTA.

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