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Hi everyone! I am a ballet dancer at a pre-professional school, and have been accepted into several summer intensive programs already. I would love to attend one of these, but my mom is unemployed, and cash is very tight right now. I need more scholarships than what the school can offer me, because the flight, housing, meals, and other expenses are quite a bit of money too. Does anyone have any ideas on extra scholarships that are out there for dancers like myself? This would be greatly appreciated!

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You know, mimi, dancers are tough people, and challenges seem to separate the "men from the boys".


Go ahead and try contacting the SIs to ask about scholarships/financial aid packages/etc. but if that doesn't work, see about holding some type of fundraiser, or babysitting job, or seeing if a local business might support you. If none of that seems to pan out, my suggestion? Choose the best possible local intensive, and vow to make the absolute most of it. These are tough financial times on families, and long term I think you'll feel the best about choosing to make this easiest on eveyone in your family.


It won't hurt you as a dancer, provided the local SI is good, and if you view it from the perspective I mentioned earlier, I think you will grow quite a bit as a dancer.

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Did you get a merit based scholarship, or a financial aid scholarship? If you got a merit based scholarship, I would ask if there is anyway you can get further financial aid.


I also agree with Clara, try and raise money. Babysitting, dog walking, fundraisers, collecting bottles and cans.... Good luck!

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