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Balancé step


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Still very new to ballet and dance in general, had my fifth class (1 per week) on Sunday, and we during centre, we learned balancé. But.. well, I didn't really learn it. The demonstrater did it.. and then the class did it.. But I simply couldn't understand the steps. It went too fast. I tried looking it up and it's a very hard step to find since articles for balance just come up. I did find it on the American Ballet Theatre Ballet Dictionary.. But I couldn't really see it very well in the video. I can't do it as fast as I'm supposed to. There doesn't seem to be enough time to articulate the feet into as many movements as are in a balancé. But everyone else was doing it just fine.. am I missing something here? Perhaps I've overcomplicated the step. Could someone break it down for me?

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If you are doing balancé de coté, then your foot positions are as follows starting with the right foot:


Count 1- step to seconde position with right foot,

Count 2- place the toes and ball of the left foot behind right foot in 5th position, rise onto the left foot en relevé

Count 3- Replace weight to right foot melting into plié allowing the left foot to go to sur le cou-de-pied derriere

Repeat concept to left


Obviously, there is much more detail involved, but that is the basic gist of the movement.

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Just wanted to add that the step to side should feel as if you're making a sort of arc as you move the weight from one leg to the other. Try rising slightly onto demi pointe on the supporting leg (do you know what that is yet? It means when you stand on the ball of your foot) just before you transfer the weight - that will help you feel the lilt in the movement.

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You might enjoy reading a bit from the Teachers Forum. Click of Teachers and run a search. There is oddles of imformation. Here is a link to one recent thread.

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Thank you, Libby, and Welcome!!!!


I do wish Finis would have helped the dancer to not sit in her supporting hip as much, and pull up out of her legs.....but there is a balancé in there that may help!

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I am probably overthinking this a little bit, but I am really confused after working on down-up-up and down-up-down of balancé with my teacher. So, my question is how do you get to the first down from the third count?


I was looking at the Finis video that was mentioned in the balancé thread in Teacher's forum: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZ_CWF6j2Xs...feature=related. One the third count, he sort of did a plié en relevé and degajé to go down. I think I was taught doing down-up-up and the third count was en relevé, and pas de cheval and tombé to go down, but when I first learned this (from a different teacher), I certainly didn't pay this much of attention in detail...

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