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When I bumped this thread, I was hoping to get some more information and get the conversation going again and you all have overwhelmed me with more things to consider! DD15 has been expressing an interest in trying something other than public high school because the rigid HS (early) and ballet (late) schedule has been very tough for her (and also for us in juggling the rest of the family's needs). I have a feeling that for DD, adding some flexibility might help both the academics and the ballet. Though she loves the social aspect of non-dance friends at high school, I don't think she will miss too much because they all use cells, texting, facebook and instagram to stay in touch and plan get-togethers anyway - even when they are sitting in the same room! It's a totally different and more connected world now in that aspect then when I was in school. I don't want to have regrets by limiting her opportunity in ballet and we are coming to grips with the fact that the traditional high school to 4-year college route right now might not be the best fit for DD at this time, even without ballet. Anyway, thank you everyone for sharing your experiences and perspectives. Great topic.

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I have read many of these posts but not all, so in saying that I am not sure if I will be repeating any information. I have a 13 year old that will be in 8th grade this year. SO far she has staying in a public school while dancing 14 hours plus rehearsals a week and has been very successful in school (A's and one B+ last year in Algebra).


What I want to say, is that I am not sure she will go pro (been told she could) but she does want to go to college. (her thoughts) With her schedule though, we have talked that there will come a point that she will be unable to continue in a regular school schedule. She has said she wants to do at least her freshman year in school. When it is to much, we have many options. A GED is not one of them! We are in Oregon and there are several online options that are part of the PUBLIC school system! My suggestions is to see if there is that option where you live.

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Everyone is o different in the way we approach education for our children, but one think we all have in common, we want the best for them.

If this means public school. College. Private. Online. Or homeschooling. It's how we fit all our ballet hours into our schedules.

Many times I say to dd we just couldn't fit school in, if we didn't homeschool.

A few weeks ago, I posted that we were behind. But with a few little blessings that have come our way, dd is now on track again.

Dd is 15 and next year her hours will increase as she enters a full time course. Everything she does at the moment is setting her up for further reduced school hours. But leaving her enough le way in case we need to head down another path.

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My DS is 15 and danced upwards of 20 hours a week last year with dance class and rehearsals. There are a couple of things that have really helped "set the stage", so to speak, to allow him to be able to dance this much and still go to regular high school. He's always been a super good student without much effort. He finished almost all of his high school math credit when he was in middle school. In the state we live, he has the ability to do contract PE instead of actually wasting time attending PE at school. I log his hours and turn in a spreadsheet every month to the PE teacher during the semester he is signed up. His only PE requirements at school is to take a physical fitness test at the end of the semester. You also have to have a CPR certification for graduation, but there are online options for that. They are only required to take PE one semester a school year. Our state law for PE is 4 hours a week of organized activity, of which he far exceeds. These two things combined free up two classes periods in his schedule to fill with required credit classes. Also, it works out that the semester he doesn't have PE, he has a release block either at the beginning or end of the day in which he can just come home and do homework if he has any. Last year it was his last period, this year it will be his first period. Its nice in that it gives him time to just sit and work on whatever he needs to, whether it be rest, homework, or his own fun. Another thing to keep in mind more efficient scheduling of classes needed for required credit. I noticed when I was working on his schedule for this year, the school has a worked in a delay tactic the sophmore year by not requiring social studies/history credit to be taken. They instead offer AP Human Geography. While this can count as college credit if you pass the test, it does not count towards the required social studies/history credit required to graduate. I am all for AP classes - I think they are awesome - but when you have a child who 1. Hates everything about high school, 2. May not be going to college right after graduation and 3. Who's greatest joy comes from dance, something has to give. Scheduling him for only classes necessary to fulfill graduation requirements, the school and I figured out he is actually on track to graduate a year early without much effort at all. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it makes him extremely happy. He has zero school spirit and does not care to participate in anything at school except what is required of him for classes. Despite all of the dancing and school work, he also has time to relax as well as get freelance coding jobs working on other people's websites. He makes pretty decent money at this for little effort/time spent. Ballet and regular school can work if you can figure out how to work the system! 8)

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At 15 she may not think a 4 year college is what she wants but so many things can change in four years. You need to make sure she is set up to be more than just a dancer. I think homeschooling is a good option if it is done proficiently and not just because you don't want your child to have to do too much work.

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We home-school, and it works beautifully for us. My dd's school day takes about three hours at the most with no homework, and she is ahead in her skills. Her older siblings were both home-schooled; the oldest has graduated from college and is pursuing his dream career; the middle one is a junior in college and is also pursuing his passion. They were able to know exactly what they wanted to do in life, because homeschooling gave them the freedom to discover that. Colleges love students who have found their passion and work hard to achieve it more than they love students who are checking off a laundry list called "How to get into a good school." I wish you and your dd all the best.

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After much consideration, our family made the decision to enroll DD is a cyber charter school that has free tuition for residents of our state. DD's grades suffered a bit last year, and I regret not having made this decision a year ago. We agreed to try the online program and to re-assess monthly. What I liked about the cyber school program is that they are a college prep school and have stringent requirements for their students ( in case she needs a plan B or a plan C). I felt it was a good compromise in that DD has more flexibility/time and she will be taking honors courses with excellent support from her teachers . Keeping our fingers crossed that this option proves to be what DD needs.


Wishing the best for you and your DD

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Nowadays we are fortunate to have so many options available to us regarding education. Certainly, if one way isn't working for you, explore your options and find the one that does. There isn't only one right way to acquire an education and, hopefully, learning is something we will do our whole lives.

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