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New Online Dancestore for Boys


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I just wanted to let my fellow "Parents of Boys" know there is a new online dance store for boys and men. I have searched high and low for a dance belt in a boys size that is lined and they actually had one. Hurray!


Here is the link in case anyone is interested:




They were really helpful and answered all of my questions via email and the shipping was quick too.

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This is great, thanks! I just wish they had some shorts. Perhaps they will add some.

I've had a heck of a time finding black "biker" shorts in my son's size that aren't made for

girls and therefore way too short. :jump:

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I had the same need for the dance shorts too and asked them to look into getting the shorts. Hopefully, they will be added to their offerings. They are really open to suggestions and would probably love the input.

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Thanks. I have trouble finding bike shorts and fitted white t-shirts for my son...he is only a 6x/7 and usually the boutique that I go to has to order in from Mondor and most often they are out of stock. This may be a solution.

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DS likes this site for men's tights... (click the photos to get into the site)




My ds (12 years old) likes browsing this website, but he hasn't yet worked up the courage to buy/wear them. I personally think they look awesome!

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The customer service at Sautdebasque is amazing! My son wears their black footed tights, and they worked with us to customize their sizes to him! Size 13 foot? No problem! 39" inseam to the floor? No problem! Their prices are very reasonable and they will send swatches before you order. Can't say enough good stuff about them!

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