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Totally stumped by unfamiliar term (tendu crease?)


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I've danced for quite a while in my younger years and am now coming back after a long time away. During my last class I got totally stumped by a step I've never heard of. Phonetically it sounded something like "tendu crease" although with my limited French experience, I know the "crease" spelling isn't correct. After Google searches using many spelling variations, I still can't find anything. The step was at the end of a combination involving jetes and pas de bourees en tournant. It wasn't difficult on its face, but since it wasn't really broken down (I guess the instructor assumed everyone knew what it was) it was a total fail on my part and I really didn't get a chance to ask about it. It was a very quick step, facing forward that I can't even really describe...other than that it seemed to involve a quick tombe-type move. shifting of weight and a slight leap. :P

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Maybe it is temps de cuisse? So it's a small passé in plié to change the foot, and go directly into a sissone.



That's exactly it! Thank you so much. I like to work on problem areas on my own during the week, and I had no idea how to even start with this one. This will really help.

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