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Ecole Superieure de Ballet Contemporain de montreal

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, tchaik. :D


I don't think we have had any information about this school. But, now there is a thread for it, so perhaps we will hear from people who know the school.

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Wasn't there a little information on this school under the Summer Intensive forum for those seeking a French-speaking SI?

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Can you elaborate on the schedule and teachers? For example what the style is? How long the classes are? What kind of classes are there? How many students are in each class? Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have the opportunity to attend and I just wanted to know more about it. Since the website was a bit vague.

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My dd (12) had a ballet class (90 min)every morning plus a pointe class where they learned a variation(60min). In the afternoon they had jazz, modern, theater or music. They have a performance at the end and it was great! :thumbsup: My dd classe size was around 22-23. The dorms are nice but no air conditionned :blink: so make sure to bring along a fan it can be hot in Montreal in July... The teachers were all nice. Some of them come from l'Opéra de Paris!!! The style of the school from what my dd said was a mix of russian and cecchetti. If you have more questions please feel free to ask.

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Thank you for your reply :). If you don't mind I have a couple more questions. Are the classes all in french? Do you know what the schedule is like for older students? Is their residence for year round students?

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You are welcome :) . Can I ask you how old are you? Because if you are 17+ they have a college program for the summer which is more intense. I am sorry but I don't have an example of what the schedule might be for older student but I know that there is more dancing involved. The SI is quite intense for all the kids, I can testify they were all exhausted at the end of the day. Yes, the classes are all in french :unsure:. But there are students from all over the country who don't speak french and the teachers are used to that. Last year there was a bounch of student coming from Mexico and most of them only spook Spanish. The school has a residence for year round student (primary, highschool and college), however it is affiliated with a french private school. Again, if you have more questions, please feel free to ask :wink: .

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Guest balletmom4444

My DD is 15 and is going to ESBCM this summer! Her school at home is not focused on a particular style but leans toward Balanchine. She does speak some French. I hope it will work out ok!

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I'm confused. :)


Are folks talking about a Summer Intensive or a year-round program here? We are in the year-round forum, but the posts seem to be primarily about Summer programs. Or am I missing something? If the posts are about the SI, then I'd like to relocate them to the appropriate forum.

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We seem to be talking about both, however, if the original poster would clarify, that would help us to know whether the topic belongs here or in the SI forum.

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Does anyone know if this school offers open classes? We vacation near there and my dd would love to take a class or 2 to stay in shape.

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I don't think the Ecole Superieure has open classes (though I'd love to hear if they did!).


The Académie de ballet classique de Montréal is affiliated (classes are in the same building and use some of the same teachers/pianists) and they have adult classes year-round (except August) that you *may* be able to drop in on (you'd have to contact them to find out for sure - registration is usually per session but they may allow a class or two drop-in). Website is http://www.abcdm.net/fr/ (only in French), phone number is (514) 849-4111, email is info@abcdm.net. (Everyone is quite bilingual, despite the website!)


There are other schools in Montreal that offer actual open classes, but I don't want to clutter this topic with all that information... :D

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