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I don't know if someone already posted this so if they did I'm sorry. I'm thirteen and on a good day I can get my leg to about 90 degrees in the front. In the back it's slightly higher and on the side its about 100 degrees but it turns in. I guess I have a few questions. Some other things. I can almost get into a slip and can easily stretch on the bar. When someone lifts my leg for me I don't have trouble bringing it up but it can't hold there by itself. 1) Do I have time to get my extension better before I want to become a professional dancer when I'm like 20? 2) How can I get my leg higher? 3) What do I do about getting me leg to turn out in a la second? Some other things At the center on a good day I can get my leg a little under 90 in front and side back is a bit higher. Thanks for the help.

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You have a lot of time, daretodance. :) Flexibility usually comes before strength, which is what is needed to hold the leg. It sounds like you are doing fine except for the turned in à la seconde. Extension without rotation is useless, and it does not create a line, and ballet is all about line! Therefore, get the rotation first, and work within that to get your leg higher. It will come with good training, patience, and of course a lot of work! :o


(By the way, we work at the "barre", not "bar", which is a place where adults go to drink. :thumbsup: )

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