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Seeking good pointe shoe fitter in Baltimore-Washington DC area


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My DD and I have been very pleased with our experience at both Footlights, Frederick and with Ellen at Artistic Dance Fashions, Bethesda. For the first few years my DD was on point we tried several different stores and at least six different styles/manufactorers of shoes. Through this we found Ellen and Joyce at Footlights to be very knowledgeble and determined to help us find the perfect shoe. Footlights has an enormous selection of manufacturers and styles in stock. Although Joyce is the best (and did finally find a shoe that has worked well) there are several other employees at Footlights who have been able to give us good advice. Anytime I am taking my daughter to get point shoes at any store, I call ahead and explain that she is difficult to fit and ask when the most experienced fitter will be there.

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I think we are going to make a trip to the Bethesda Artistic. I emailed someone at Washington Ballet's trainee program and asked if she could make recommendations as to where their trainees and apprentices go, and she suggested Ellen at Artistic, but said that many of the trainees and apprentices also are in the process of finding the perfect shoe, too~

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For Gaynor Mindens: Columbia Dance Fashions in Columbia, Maryland, says they are the area supplier. I'd give them a call. As for the others, my dd received a poor fitting from Ellen at Artistic and an excellent one from the older lady at Footlights. I believe she is the owner. I'd call ahead and make sure she is going to be there.

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As a Frederick resident, my daughter has purchased all of her shoes from Footlights, and we have been very happy with her fittings and shoe purchases. That being said, there are certainly some staff that know more about how to fit pointe shoes than others, and the owner, Joy, knows what she is doing. Footlights has a very wide choice selection which is very helpful in trying to find the right shoe. My daughter has bought countless pairs of pointe shoes at Footlights and has been very happy with both fittings and purchases.

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You know Ladies, we could move this discussion to the Pointe Shoe Forum. Anyone can post there but it does have the same rules as Health & Nutrition. We may even have a thread over there on this area, so it might be good to keep things organized. :)

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