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harmonie bodywear t-shirts


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If anyone can answer this question it is the super knowledgable members at Ballet talk. Does anyone know where to find Harmonie Bodywear fitted white t-shirts (tight fitting stretchy tees made I think with Lycra). Our 12 year old son likes them, but now that he has grown out of his size, I can't seem to find them anywhere on line. If not, can anyone perhaps recommend a similar tee by another manufacturer, and where to find it. Thanks so much.

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There is a shirt that is made by body wrappers that is sold at all about dance: http://www.allaboutdance.com/Body-Wrappers...for-Boys-BWB190


This site also sells the stretchy shirts for boys: www.boysdancetoo.com


Gap makes a nice cotton undershirt that goes up to size 14-16 at www.gap.com.


Under Armour makes white fitted shirts too but they usually have a little collar since they are meant for football but you can usually find them at any sporting goods store. I think target might make a knock-off too.


Good luck! I hate it when my ds's favorite things are no longer available.

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If you search around in the Parents of Boys forums I know we've had lots and lots of discussions about finding white tshirts that fit, so there is at least one really good thread about it! I'll see if I can find the thread but only have few minutes before I have to head away. I do know that there was a lot of discussion about a particular shirt that Target carried. MStevens has a boys fitted shirt, too! There are actually quite a lot of options available now!


Edited to ad: The thread I had in mind is http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=40601 - I can't seem to post this the "right" way but it should take you the information you need!

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Guest coupe66

Champion makes a really nice white t-shirt in cotton/lycra, and you can buy it online at the Hanes website. Also, Macy's sells (under its own store label - Alfani) a cotton/lycra t-shirt.


Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much for the advice. It seems that perhaps the ones my son has been using -- Harmonie Bodywear tight fitted tees -- are just not available anywhere anymore. I think he'll try the Under Armour Heatgear short-sleeved white t-shirts. They fit tight yet are very comfortable, but the slight negative is they have a little logo, which hopefully is small enough to be allowed in his classes. But if anyone perchance comes across a place selling the Harmonie Bodywear t-shirts, please post that. Thanks again.

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DS' studio was at first reluctant to allow him to wear the UnderArmour. It has since become the actual uniform, perhaps because of its availability and fit.


One warning on caring for them - they have a tendency to turn gray after several washings. It might be best to keep them separate and wash alone. Once they took on a grayish tint I could never get them back to bright white!

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My son used to wear the Harmonie dance shirts (sold at a local dance store), but he hasn't worn them in a couple of years so I don't know if they're still around or not. These days my son wears a lycra shirt sold by Academy Sportswear (I don't know if this is a local or national chain). It's their own in-house brand (called "BCG").


The shirt has the stretchy lycra fabric that he loves, and it provides a nice fit for his skinny frame. We have to buy it from the girls department, unfortunately. The boys version has an elevated neckline (similar to the under amour neckline), but the girls version has a lower neckline with a slight V-Neck which he prefers. It has no visible symbol on the shirt, which his teacher prefers. It is less than $10 and comes in both white & black (his teacher allows either color). At one point this shirt came in a sleeveless version (which is my son's very favorite), but I haven't seen it lately. We have about a dozen of these shirts around our house as his ballet teacher really likes their fit and the V-neckline.

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My son wears the Body Wrappers white fitted t-shirts. We are in Canada have have to get these ordered in to our boutique. I don't believe you can order on-line, but if you get onto their website, they are located in New York, you can hopefully find a store close by.

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