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Sorted out studio/s now on to clothing.


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So I did a search but only came up with threads on underwear etc.


I'm only 5ft 2in but overweight. I like my legs/bum covered (baggy style) lol


I am going for a leotard with either leggings/cropped trousers or tights but i want to wear something over them (the tights & leggings) like shorts but not to clingy. Now trying to find the best leotard & shorts or cropped trousers. I don't want to go as far as a ballet skirt just yet. What would you guys suggest?


Oh I'll be going to the London Russian Ballet School as they have beginners classes every day but Saturday and they have them morning & evening (though Tuesday only mornings), plus no need to get the train there (I live in Bromley). They go up to intermediate level so that will do me for the next how many years. This does mean I'll only have ballet for the time being though. I will try and add Central & Danceworks when I can.

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I've never felt comfortable in the leotard and pink tights either (although I would wear them if it were a compulsory uniform). Your teacher does need to be able to see you clearly, though, and baggy clothes would obscure too much. What about black leggings and a fitted t-shirt? You could wear a shrug to cover upper arms, if those are a concern.

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Have you checked with the studio to make sure they will allow you to wear leggings and/or shorts instead of a leo, tights and skirt? If the leggings are okay, I would wear a leo, leggings over the leo and possibly a loose tank over that. I prefer a knit type fabric tank over my leo rather than a t-shirt. It's easier for me to move in and it's easier for the teacher to see that I'm NOT lifting my shoulders! :)

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My studio allows any color tights and leotard, plus whatever cover-ups we choose.

I usually wear garbage-bag shorts, as these have been the most practical for me. The technical name for them in nylon/rip-stop shorts. You can find them at discount dance supply.

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Thank you that is the type of shorts I was looking for, though not loving the 'garbage' look. The studio say they don't have a dress code they just want to be able to see my knees.


Might just get some rollover shorts or fleece shorts, or even a skirt (Bloch Sunshine isnice)

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Victoria's Secret sweatpants with the elasticized ankle cuffs can be easily pulled up very high, then adjusted to look like capri shorts (showing the knees still) if you're self conscious about showing leg. I love wearing sweatpants to class on cold winter nights so that my knobby knees aren't exposed - of course, it's not a recommendation to wear long pants when you're trying to improve your technique, but it is comfy and unrevealing! :D

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Um, I think you are in England, yes? I'd say take a walk around the shops in Covent Garden and see what you find (Dancia, Capezio, Bloch, Freed, Sansha).


You can also try dancedirect and porselli online -- I used to use both of these, and recommend them!

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Yep went into Bloch yesterday & Dancia. Have to return to Bloch as they charged me the completely wrong price for my leotard. Also got knit shorts but I look horrible in just them.


I'm looking at getting Nike Skapri's.

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I think that unless someone is thin, the knit shorts do not do any favors to your figure! If you have excess around the belly, or a rounded butt and thighs, I think the best thing is a skirt. Shorts only accentuate the bulk and sweats would cover it up but then the teacher would not be able to see your body, which is really important.

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