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Hi, my 7 year old son just took his first exam, Level 2, Society of Russian Ballet. I am wondering if any forum members can give me an idea as to the relevance of grading. There was no actual mark. We received a certificate indicating that he had passed Level 2. We also received a comments sheet with numerous comments on the different poses and exercises he completed. He attained a Highly Commended. The Grading for the Society of Russion Ballet is -- Not Awarded, Pass, Merit, Commended, Highly Commended, Distinction. Any insight into what a "Highly Commended" means would be greatfully appreciated. He is looking forward to starting Level 3 in September. Now he is starting work on his recital and we were informed on Saturday that he will be doing a solo commencement to his group's dance. He is very excited.

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Welcome to the boards, NewtoDance!!!


Congratulations to your son on his accomplishment! It sounds as though he is quite a busy fellow for his age. 7 is quite young, so don't be too afraid to say, "No" if necessary to his teachers or to him (with regards to too much extra time commitment) if you can see he is getting overloaded. He may not, but it can happen. It sounds like he's progressing nicely, though I am not certain myself of how the "Highly Commended" is chosen over any other distinction. Perhaps Hans or Mel may know?

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The Society of Russian Ballet provides a presentation of Vaganova vocabulary using a curriculum and syllabus model borrowed from Cecchetti, and further informed by RAD practice. "Highly Commended" is about like Getting an A.

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