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RAD Gradings for Adult Beginners in UK


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Thank you Clara - juat browsing through the archives has proved absolutely invaluable, I can't believe what a great resource this is! I was at such a loss at what to do prior to finding this, and now, having looked at the problems/solutions/stories of fellow "beginagains", I'm beginning to formulate a kind of plan: I'm thinking to start with open classes first at Central/Danceworks, and then either courses at Morley (one of the ballet level courses, and also their pointe work course) or with the RAD/other dance school with a view of training for RAD Intermediate Foundation.

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I'm pretty sure we have students from both of those locales!

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So I have found a school in London that allow adults into their grade 5-8 classes


Grade 5 - Monday - 7:35 to 8:15

Grade 6 - Thursday - 6:45 to 7:45

Grade 7 - Wednesday - 6:15 to 7:15

Grade 8 - Wednesday - 8:30 to 9:30


Adult class is Thursdays 7:45 @ £5 a class


Above is the timetable that was emailed to me as they have very little on their site. They may have vocational levels also. For the adult class you ned to be aroudn grade 5



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Thanks for everyone's posts so far, very helpful. I'm going to approach my ballet teacher soon with regards to grades, I'm developing quite well (though still obviously a long way off from being a good dancer!) and I know she has students who take grades but most of them are younger, more full-time students so she is definitely knows about doing that. I'll let you all know how it goes. Am also thinking of attending more classes during the week as I practice at home six out of seven days and don't want to be cemeting bad habits!

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Sorry I'm rather in shock about the length of the classes. Grade 5 once a week 40 minutes? And all the rest one hour! I don't find 90 minute classes long enough to teach Grade 6 - there are so many exercises! And we have twice a week classes. How do they manage to prepare the students for the exams in such a short time?

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