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Merry March


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To keep our traditional alliterative threads going for March!

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For starters, a classmate gave me a theraband today so I can work on my ankle strength (which is badly needed).


And, I'm performing tomorrow and the piece came together in the nick of time. I don't know what it is about being at this studio but it helps me a lot as far as working with choreographers in a fluid efficient manner.

Three years ago I never would've dreamed I'd be able to learn a peice within four days without a lot of headache and frustration, but the last half has been a breeze and here I am, fully confident about tomorrow's performance.

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Awesome, Ginniathezinnia! I hope you had a great time performing.


I took four classes this week, on top of rehearsals, and still feel functional. It was fun to think back to when I started and one class would leave my body thrashed for an entire week. Progress :)

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Had performance class tonight and I did it en pointe, i can cross the stage in eight counts of bouree. :) it was fun and such a joy to do more than just exam exercises.


Also had technique class and received some compliments on my allegro especially coupe foutte recourse battu (?spelling?)


Then did a private lesson and worked on placement issues im having with attitude and penche, it turns out i was taught penche completely wrong and while im not flexible enough to do an amazing one my teacher made me understand the shape to aim for and how not to drop the body in the forward movement. My lower back got such a workout. We worked on pirouettes ending in open positions but im unfortunately gonna have to write about those in the march misery thread.... :(

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My school is starting pre pointe classes for adults, partly thanks to my begging them! I am SOOOO happy!! They will be an hour long on Saturdays! I am super excited! That will take me up to 5 classes a week!

I am so pleased as I love to have a long term goal!

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Oooo rlyons, I am so excited for you! Let us know how it goes. I never took pre pointe so I am curious.


I too am joining you at 5 classes per week now. Since I moved up a level, due to the class schedule, I can take 5 classes while still only driving up there the same amount of times as I did when I was only taking 3. I am so deliciously satisfied taking these much more challenging classes. Killer legs, here I come! :blink:

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Thanks Aimee! I AM really excited! I think we will be doing a lot of ankle and feet strengthening exercises. Anyone else out there tried pre pointe?


Well done on your 5 classes! You must be getting really good! :blink:

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Thanks! Well I guess it depends on who is the judge :blushing: But I know I have improved in strides since coming to this school, so I am very happy for that. Now I am just waiting for the day I can say I am getting really good at turns and pirouettes! :blushing:

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Aimee, I know the feeling! Even with only 2 classes a week at the moment (and a lot of reading about ballet, in books and here :wink: , and watching a lot of videos), I've improved immensely the last three years. There's a girl in my class that's considered one of the better students in class, and well, I gained in on her and I'm proud of that. :blushing: Of course, we both have our different things we're good/not so good at, but it's nice to see yourself get better :blushing:


Now, off to the other thread...

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I do find it very interesting to observe other dancers' strengths and weaknesses. I was really fascinated the other day actually, to see that even a couple of girls who could do pirouettes en pointe with ease, had a hard time with chaines en pointe. That made me feel much better about it!

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Very minor merriness here -- I've had a crazy busy time since last May, traveling a lot to home, then a month doing field research, more time at home, multitudes of conferences, coupled with multitudes of illnesses, etc. I've thus not been able to get to class as often I would like, to say the least, and stopped doing pointe for a while in October and have lost a lot of strength. I started doing pointe again two weeks ago, and finally, last night, it started to feel more 'right', like it used to. Still flailing around and tired by the end of class, but happy nonetheless!

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Woohoo! :thumbsup:


My merry post for today is that after a month or so off (due to being a nomad roaming from California to Georgia and now Argentina) I'm going back to ballet class tonight! We'll see how it goes, I might end up having to switch teachers/nights because I think they start a new group of real beginners for the new year, but I'm really excited to be back :thumbsup:

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Well, even though last night was one of those classes where I felt utterly inept, the one thing I felt proud of myself for are pirouettes en dedans (en pointe). I hadn't tried them in a couple of months, and I don't have too much experience with them anyway; plus, this is the first time I've done them at this new school. But they came out fine. I really feel myself so centered right on the platform when doing these. If only I could do pirouettes en dehors en pointe with the same ease.

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I had a great class today with some new and challenging barre exercises that I was able to pick up quickly and a great grande allegro with inspiring music and just a fun combination that had our whole class really "dancing". :( I love when that happens!

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In pointe class tonight we learnt enboitte releve en dedans... They were fun! (i now have 5 blisters.... But it was soooo worth it)



Also tried to learn renverse (?spell)

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