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22 starting ballet

Guest haylee

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Guest haylee

do you think at 22 I'm wasting my time in returning to ballet. I had a long break. But I have this passion to dance, but I have everybody I mean like family members and even boyfriend laughing at me saying I dont have the correct body type. I've been dancing for a couple of months and have become so strong. I'm started doing 2 classes and have no just joined another school (where the teachers are all ex australian ballet company members) the school is great and helps and pushes me along. I know I'm getting better. But feel abit low.


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Haylee, if you love ballet and love to dance then returning to classes at any age is not a waste of time! However, if you are asking about it in terms of going for a professional career, that could be a different matter. It might not be impossible, but the odds are certainly against it. It would depend a great deal on how much training you had before, how long you stopped, the quality and intensity of your training, and of course how much physical facility you have for this most difficult art form. But taking classes because you love it and just want to improve and become as good a dancer as you can is a wonderful thing to do :)

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Naysayers be darned. And who are they that they're such experts on "body type" anyway. Go for it and enjoy.:)

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Hi Haylee


Its good to hear that you have restarted ballet :D

I bet you feel a whole lot better since you did. I know what it is like to have done ballet for ages, then having to stop for some reason. Its like everyday you don't dance, all you can think about is dancing, and as soon as you get back to it again, you feel so liberated.

Just out of curiosity, are your family members and boyfriend professional ballet teachers or dancers? I mean , how do they know about what the exact body type is? We have had this discussion on other forums about how different ballet companies employ different body types, so you can not go by that. Besides, you say that you go to a school where they have ex-Australian ballet company members teaching and well obviously they are being very supportive of you by the sounds of it.

Now unless you are aiming to go professional and dance for a leading ballet company, I wouldn't worry about what body type you have. If you truely enjoy what you are doing, then show your family and boyfriend how totally amazing you are and keep at it. When they come and see you at a performance, or at an open class they will shut up soon enough, and probably think 'Wow', as ballet isn't easy you know. Or even better, get them to come a long to a class and try it out for themsleves.

You will find a lot of support on this board, so anytime you are feeling low :) or high :D come and tell us.


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Guest haylee

At this point I just want to do ballet to dance and I would like to get to the advanced level. I wouldn't mind dancing in a company, not a professional company like the Australian ballet company just a small one. It doesn't bother me if I do get into one and really it's not a goal for. I'm not doing ballet to dance in a company, I'm doing ballet cause I love it and just want to dance.

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So are you feeling any better since you last posted on here? I hope so. In time I hope your family and boyfriend willunderstand your need! Its better than being addicted to drugs or alcohol,like a million times better, and I think if osmeone has a desire to dance, they should go for it:D

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If dancing is what you really want to do, then I'd urge you to dance. Body types matter very little when it comes to recreational level dancing - even if it is "serious" recreational dancing. :)

(In fact, body types are not generally very important in recreational level anything. A short person can enjoy volleyball, a stubby-fingered playing piano, and a short-legged one ballet. One does not need a career-track quality body to have a hobby. If one did, no one would have any hobbies! :D )


And, it is possible to learn, improve and become good and able to "dance" if you start as an adult.

The adult students at the highest level at our school have the option of taking part in the spring performance. They always do a short scene of a ballet where the corps dances. This year's dance will be from La Bayadere.



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Guest piccolo



A lot of people go through life without feeling passionate about anything. Those people have a hard time understanding those of us who do things out of love.


Doing something you love is never a waste of time.

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Guest dancerwannabe

I think that you and I feel similarly about ballet. I would like to get to the advanced classes as well. Some of the times I take class are advanced because of limited class availability. You shouldn't feel low at all. You are out there being brave and doing something you really enjoy no matter what. And it doesn't hurt that ballet is also an excellent way to stay in shape either. There aren't alot of negatives to doing what your doing.

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