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Asking for help....


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So today, I kind of flipped a lid.


I have always had a wallflower sort of personality and I am one of those people who tends to talk more when I am around one or two people, but throw me in with a group of ten and it's like I'm not even there.

So today we had some difficult combinations for our center work and some of the more advanced students were doing all the talking.... I felt like there was no room for me to ask anything but I feel like it's mostly my own fault because I should speak up.

The louder students weren't really asking direct questions, so much as breaking down the combination and verbally repeating it back to our teacher to make sure they had it right. (which they did about seven times for each combination)


At one point I finally bit the bullet and tried to ask a question but the other girl just kept talking and talking and then I realized that my teacher wasn't even listening to her... he was trying to hear what I was saying.


I know the most important thing I can do is to make sure that my teacher can hear me, and just be straight-forward about it when I am confused but it's so hard when there are three loudmouths.... help?

I'm tired of feeling like I don't know what I'm doing. When the loud students aren't there I'm able to do almost everything my teacher asks of me but when they are there, they talk so much that it confuses me.

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Well, I could see one thing helping you out quite a bit- going outside and screaming at the top of your lungs!!!! I do it whenever necessary, and it's always necessary!!! :yucky:


Seriously though, it sounds like these 3 are monopolising the teacher's time, and it's really up to the teacher to recognize this, and then do something about it. Meanwhile, raise your hand, and if the teacher calls on you, do speak up. Elocution and projection, my dear! Fill the room with your voice and the others will shut up- eventually!

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I completely understand where you're coming from! I have a very similar personality and I didn't previously ask many questions due to similar situations. However, I have recently started taking private lessons from one of my teachers and she mentioned to me in one of these that I need to speak up more and ask more questions because I'm much more detail oriented and observant than some of the girls that I deemed more advanced than I am. She said there are many things I do better than they do and they don't know they're doing them wrong. She recommended I ask more questions because it would be to my benefit as well as theirs. Since then I have tried to be more vocal in class and I have found that some of the louder "advanced" girls have paid more attention when I ask questions as they realize the information is useful to them, too. Besides, you don't need to worry about them when you have enough on your plate in bettering your abilities! :D

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I feel your pain, ginnia...I am also not much of a talker or interrupter in class. I am quiet but very intense, so when I DO ask a question, it probably comes across with a little more force or edge than I intend it to...I'm working on that, bc some instructors immediately "get me" while others find it easy to misinterpret my silence or intensity. I definitely do better in small groups or one on one, but can't afford privates currently (that would be my dream lessons!). :(

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What level class is this? Is it an open class, a class where the levels are mixed? Many times when for example a beginner or new student goes to a class that is a too advanced, the questions asked by others are too technical. Remember in more advanced classes it is assumed people know how to do things, perhaps not the sequence of things, but the steps themselves. If the class is an beginner or intro class and more advanced folks are there, I'd speak to the teacher after class.

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It's an intermediate/advanced class, I'm not really a beginner but I'm just not quite at the same polished level as these other students are quite yet.

During the rest of the week I'm with a lower level and I get to work with my teacher more intensively but there are two classes during the week where our levels are combined.

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